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2017-12-11 16:43

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Greeting to all Flyme users, Flyme Forum 2nd Anniversary is around the corner. It's been a long journey since the Forum established in December, 2015. According to me, it was a tough year for Meizu & Flyme. Some great things happened too. Only 4 Smartphones launched this year and only 1 of the 4 with Qualcomm SoC inside. Also the Flyme updates were slow this year. Flyme 6 was announced last year and only One Stable Released in 1 Year (Stable for M5, M5s, M5 Note yet to be released). But i believe, 2018 gonna be a very good year for Meizu & Flyme. If the leaks are correct, we will see Meizu Phones with Qualcomm & Exynos SoC inside. We may also get Android update. Also Dream Machine of Meizu Founder, Jack Wong will be launched in Spring 2018 - Meizu 15 & 15 Plus. Meizu Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus are innovative but MediaTek processor and slighly high price made users to opt for other phones. Meizu M6 Note's price is reduced by 45 $ and it is the best smartpone Meizu launched this year.

Below are the Highlights of this year on Forum (December 2016 - December 2017). The Highlights have only the important events of the year. As KKPanda told us in Thanksgiving thread, there are some interesting contests coming and also the Annual Forum Contributors Rewarding. Also the themes submitted by the users will be available for Downloading in Themes app from 16th December. Enjoy the awesome themes and wishing you all good luck for coming holiday season.

Launch Events

May 23 - Meizu M5C Launch
July 26 - Meizu Pro 7 & Pro 7 Plus Launch
Aug 23 - Meizu M6 Note Launch
Sep 20 - Meizu M6 Launch


Dec 07 - Download Forum App, Win Ultimate Package
Dec 08 - #1st Anniversary# Content Sharing Contest
Dec 22 - Complete Mission, Win M5 Note
Jan 09 - Share New Year Celebration To Win Beta Tester Qualification
Jan 24 -  Happy Chinese New Year (25 Jan - 3 Feb)
Feb 13 -  Happy Valentine's Day
Mar 06 - Which is your Favourite Flyme 6 Feature
Apr 13 - Flyme 6 Charging Contest
Jun 21 - How Does Flyme Fit into your Everyday Moment?
Jun 21 - 5 Years of My Life
Aug 25 - What's Your Likings on Reading Apps?
Sep 15 - Guess What are the Prizes
Oct 31 - The 2nd Flyme Cup Theme Design Contest

Important Events

Apr 14 - Happy Easter
Nov 23 - Happy Thanksgiving

Flyme Updates Released

Dec 05 - Flyme for M5c
Dec 11 - Flyme for M5, M3 Max & U10

Monthly Highlights
Monthly High.JPG

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