Happy Thanksgiving!



2017-11-23 15:02

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Today is Thanksgiving Day, a nice occasion to express your gratitude to life and people. Although it's a holiday mainly celebrated in North America, it is widely accepted and appreciated by many countries and regions.

Here in Flyme forum, we want to thank all our members, who have been there to support us in this difficult year. We are trying everything we can to make a better Flyme, and you guys are the source of our courage and inspiration.

For the coming holiday season, we have interesting activity coming and annual forum contributors rewarding. We'll announce the contest soon. And don't forget our Flyme Theme Design Contest! You still got 10 days to draw your dream theme! If you haven't submit your work yet, hurry up! Or you'll lose the chance the win a PRO 7 Plus!

Finally, for this warm holiday, our designer from Flyme had drawn a holiday wallpaper for our users. Enjoy!