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2017-09-20 12:48

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1200 × 628.png Meizu M6 Keynote 1.png

Today at 3PM (GMT+8) we are having the Meizu M series new Product M6 launching at Beijing! As always we are live upating the event in the forum, so stay tuned!
Because we are doing real-time update in this thread, so the sequence of the contents would be backwards. Set your alarm and keep refreshing this page!

This is the M6 today. This new product proves that basic model can be as handy and efficient as models of higher prices. Basic means simple, yet it doesn't mean cheap or poor quality. On the contrary, basic means classic, means applicable to most people, and also means durable.
1200 × 628.png
Except from the phone, we have our new generation of powerbank released today. The fast charge power bank M20 is here!
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For the system, the M6 features Flyme 6 based on Android 7, and One Mind is there too!
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Although the M6's size is relatively small, we managed to put a 3070mAh battery into its slim body, which supports 5hours of photo shooting, 10hours of game playing, and 86hours of music listening.
Meizu M6 Keynote 19.png
The M6 is powered by an octa-core, 64-bit processor. Along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of flash storage, the M6 sports enough functionality to satisfy all your music and video needs. The M6 delivers outstanding performance and handles large games with ease. And based on the target users' preferences, the M6  supports SD card up to 128GB.
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The M6 also features a single Home button which is also the fingerprint sensor for the phone. The recognition speed reached 0.2 second, which is as quick as phones of higher price ranges.
Meizu M6 Keynote 4.png Meizu M6 Keynote 3.png
The M6 has a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP selfie camera, both are equipped with ArcSoft beautification algorithm. And more specially, the rear camera features 4-color RGBW color structure, which allows more light through the CMOS to makes the photo more clear and vivid. We can see from the sample photo that the details are very fantastic.
Meizu M6 Keynote 12.png
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The screen of the M6 is 5.2 inch, though it's smaller than the Note series, it fits your hand perfectly and the screen is bright and vivid.
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The M6 Note has been receiving great reviews ever since its release. And M series has always been beloved by our customers.
So for M6 this time, we have put the practicality in the first place again. The polycarbonate body of the Meizu M6 features a well-rounded metallic finish, along with hand-crafted metal-like lines. The combination of classic materials and a unique design results in a great feeling in the hand.
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The Angels Chorus is now performing Love is All You Need and Baby.
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We are having this launch in Beijing Performance & Art Center.
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