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2017-03-06 12:04

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Winnners Announced !!!
Hi all,
Thanks for the participation & showing so much support for the Flyme6 Contest.
We appreciate each one of your entries J

It’s time to announced the Lucky Winners…here you go!
As per the time record…the last entry before the content end time was #828
Let's apply math’s formulas to announce our winners: (Answers after Rounded up)

1st Prize: 828 [Multiplied] 23[Divided]  95 = 200
Invalid entry so we select 201
ID: rohit42

2nd Prize: 828 [Multiplied] 61[Divided] 111 [Plus]17 = 472
ID: Vokaplok

3rd Prize:  828 [Divided] 36 = 23
ID: kArViX

3rd Prize:  828 [Minus] 132 = 696
Invalid entries post 696. No winner

3rd Prize:   828 [Divided]  5   = 166
Invalidentry so we select 170 as a winner
ID: sidd10

3rd Prize:   828[Minus] 78     = 750
Invalid entries post 750. No winner

Congratulation to all the Winner!!
Please private message me with you ID proof copy, email ID, mobile no & address before 27th March 2017

Contest Details:

We all know how eagerly you have been waiting to experience & discover Flyme 6 in your hands.
So 2 days back we made the Flyme 6 beta version public for our global fans all cross the countries.

If you have been lost so far & don’t know about the open beta release… please go ahead and download now!

We know you will love the update & will have lots to share about what you love about Flyme 6. Just to make life more interesting we got you a contest!
All that you have to do is these 2 below steps:
Step 1: Post on any social media channel (FB, Twitter, Instagram)  your favourite Flyme 6 feature using hashtag #Flyme6

Step2: Take the screenshot & upload the screenshot as a comment to this thread with the SM post link

Contest Period:
6th– 16th March 2016 (23:59GMT +08:00)

1st Prize: M5 Note
2nd Prize: Bluetooth Speaker
3rd Prize: 5 people will get 10$ Amazon Gift Card

Winners Selection Rules:
We always get hundreds of entries, and all are almost awesome great replies.
So to keep things transparent we will depend on math’s formulas to select our winners.

1st Prize: Total entry count [Multiplied] 23[Divided]  95
2nd Prize: Total entry count [Multiplied] 61[Divided] 111 [Plus] 17
3rd Prize:  
            Total entry count [Divided] 36
            Total entry count [Divided] 19
            Total entry count [Minus] 132
            Total entry count [Divided]  5
            Total entry count [Minus] 78

After caculation the number will be rounded up.
Each ID can win only once.
We calculate the total entries exactly after the content period ends (GMT +08:00) on 16th March 2016

1. Content must be original, copied content willbe disqualified.
2. If the selected lucky reply is invalid ordisqualified, then the winner will go to next valid entry.
3. Each user can participate with max 3 repliesall must be from different Social Media Channels.
4.Users with more than 3 replies along with repetitive content in this threadwill be disqualified.
5.There are real prizes at stake here, so be really authentic in yourparticipation
6.We have to choose winners, which isn’t always easy. If you don’t win, don’t bemad. This is all in good Fun!
7.Users spamming the thread will be disqualified.
8.Flyme reserves the right to announce the Winners

Have Fun Everyone!