[Activities][Photos] The Moscow Fans Meetup



2017-03-14 15:06

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Hi all,
So this is to update you all that we had an Impressive Flyme 6 Beta Users Fan Gathering in Moscow.
We got you some pictures, have a look & have a wonderfull weekend:

1.jpg 2.pic.jpg 3.pic.jpg 4 pic.jpg 5.pic.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg 10pic.jpg

Hey guys,
Last month we started to recruit some of our fans to join our Moscow meetup. Part of them have been selected because of lack positions. Thanks for your support to Meizu and welcome to our meetup in Moscow. This time the selected fans can talk with our product managers and Meizu staff face to face and share their views and innovations towards our brand.

Meizu will treat the fans in a cafe and some tempting food & drink. Besides that, amazing gift are prepared .

Please wait for the details of this event here and in our Social Media. Stay tuned. Thanks.