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2016-12-05 15:56

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Make 6 Great Again!

After more than one year (430 days to be exact) of hard working, Flyme 6 is finally going to be unveiled now!

The design of Flyme 6 is centered around a concept: Content Design. To let users to fully enjoy the content without being disturbed.

Now, we are glad to invite you join the first beta testing of Flyme6!

Recruitment Time:
5th December - 25th December

Who can participate:
Users who are using PRO 6s / PRO 6 / PRO 5 / MX6 / MX5 / M2 note / M3 note / M3s / M2

How to apply:
Signup in this thread and fill in the comment field with following info:

Forum name:
Self introduction:
Your city,country :
IMEI1,IMEI2,SN number,Device model [MUST WRITE IN THIS WAY]

Participted beta testing of Flyme5,MIUI.....................

1. The number of testers is limited,we will check all replies and select some of them;
2. We will announce specific upgrade date before 31th December on forum;
3. If you are selected,you will be added to [global beta team-bug] sub-forum and you are only allowed to report bug there;
4. Once Flyme6 beta testing is finished(one month,1-2 versions),excellent users will be added to Flyme Beta Team and partipate in beta testing regularly;

5. Please update the firmware to or version to receive Flyme beta.


After we announced the specific upgrade date of Flyme6 releasing, we will send Flyme 6 beta firmware OTA to users who is selected and give all permission to [global beta team-bug] for reporting bugs.
Kindly wait the announcement and then check the [update] app.

7th December

Not yet a forum member? Click HERE to register.

Recruitment in russian:

Стартовал набор желающих на глобальный бета-тест Flyme 6!

В бета-тесте могут участвовать владельцы PRO 6s / PRO 6 / PRO 5 / MX6 / MX5 / M2 note / M3 note / M3s / M2.

Набор будет осуществляться с 5 по 25 декабря.

Чтобы оставить заявку:
Зарестрируемся и oставляем в теме в комментарим видe:

Ник на форуме
Информация о себе
IMEI1,IMEI2,серийный номер,модель смартфона [обязательно в таком порядке!]

Participted beta testing of Flyme5,MIUI.....................
Москва. Россия

1. Количество тестеров ограничено, доступ получат не все желающие.
2. Дата обновления будет опубликована на форуме до 31го декабря.
3. Если ваc выберут, то вы будете просто обязаны сообщать об ошибках на специальном подфоруме [global beta team-bug].
4. После окончания тестирования(один месяц,1-2 версии) oтличные тестеры будут добавлены в основную команду бета-тестеров Flyme.
5. Необходимо обновить прошивку до или версии, чтобы получить получить бета-версию Flyme.

These contents are valid until 25th,December 2016. MEIZU Technology Co. Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this activity.

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Hanifullah Beta tester windows 10 mobile. Kendal, Indonesia 868597025159902,868597025159910,81HEBMQ27AM2,M2 note

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2016-12-19 14:36
Starducks_ ...

Starducks_ua Studend, 21 years old, am a programmer. This will be my first experience in the beta testing. Brovary,Ukraine 867247027736981,867247027736999,85UBBMD223ZY,MX5

2016-12-19 14:15
Plut1972 2016-12-19 14:11
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dinesh_vijay Installed 2 months back Bangalore, India 869921020054281, 869921020054299, 91HECNN22DNY, M3 Note

2016-12-19 12:42
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Divyansh_Adwani Participating first time..................... Agra,India 869771020684482,869771020684490,88HKBME22AH8,M2

2016-12-19 12:30
HandphoneM ...

i hope flymecan more expensive .... i love meizu

2016-12-19 11:46

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