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2017-04-13 13:43

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Winnners Announced !!!
Hi all,
Thanks for the participation & showing so much support for the Flyme 6 Charging Contest.
We appreciate each one of your entries J

It’s time to announced the Winners…here you go!
As per the time record…the last entry before the content end time was #613
Winners from the Designers Choice (10 Winners) Support category merged:

5 Lucky Draw:
Based on the math formulas the winners will be selected
BhavinMakwana Total entry count [Multiplied] 33[Divided]  57
VokaplokTotal entry count [Minus] 223
jaga520072473 Total entry count [Percentage] 39
User520150396 Total entry count [Divided]  71[Addition] 28
Muyied Total entry count Divided]  51[Addition] 81

Congratulation to all the Winner!!
Please private message me with you ID proof copy, email ID, mobile no & address before 1st May 2017

Yesterday, wer eleased Flyme open beta update for all our global fans. Click here!
Hope you all have upgraded your devices to the latest version and loving the experience Flyme 6 has to offer.

We mentioned prior that with Flyme 6 we have introduced 400+ new animations. One of theinteresting animations you all would have noticed, and that is the Flyme 6 charging animation. It’s so cool and it gets more visually pleasant when youhave a wonderful lock screen wallpaper.
Taking this concept and feature in mind we have designed this months creative genius contest. So bring on your creativity!!!

Contest details & steps to participate:
Guest, if you want to see the hidden content, please Reply

Contest Period:
13thApril – 23rd April 2017 (23:59GMT +08:00)

We will select 15 winners and all of them will WIN 15$ worth Amazon gift cards

Winners Selection Categories:
We will select 5 winners from each of the below categories to assure thatthe contest is fair.

Top 5 Designers Choice:
Flyme designers will select top 5 winners from all the entries – based onthe creativity, idea originality and style essence.

Top 5 Votes:
Entries, which gain the top 5 maximum supports for their participation,will WIN in this category.

5 Lucky Draw:
Based on the math formulas the winners will be selected
1st Winner – Total entry count [Multiplied] 33[Divided]  57
2nd Winner – Total entry count [Minus] 223
3rd Winner – Total entry count [Percentage] 39
4th Winner – Total entry count [Divided]  71[Addition] 28
5th Winner – Total entry count Divided]  51[Addition] 81

After calculating the numberwill be rounded up.
Each ID can win only once.
We calculate the total entriesexactly after the content period ends (GMT +08:00) on 23rd April2017

1. The screenshots must be original, copied content will be disqualified.  It’s a valid entry only if you post both the charging screenshot plus the SM link. If either of this is missing, it will be considered invalid.
2. If the selected lucky reply is invalid or disqualified, then the winner willgo to next valid entry.
3. Each user can participate with max 3 replies all must be from differentSocial Media Channels.
4.Users with more than 3replies along with repetitive content in this thread will be disqualified.
5.There are real prizes atstake here, so be really authentic in your participation
6. Users spamming the threadwill be disqualified.
7. Flyme reserves the right to announce the Winners

We have to choose winners,which isn’t always easy. If you don’t win, don’t be mad. This is all in goodFun! Bring on your creativity &rock it!