[Launch Event] PRO 7, and more!



2017-07-26 16:56

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The D-day has finally come!
This time, instead of having the launch in Beijing as always, we are expecting the arrival of this new flagship of MEIZU in the city where MEIZU HQ locates: Zhuhai, China. And the venue is the landmark of Zhuhai city: Zhuhai Grand Theatre.
The launch will start at 7PM (GMT+8). We will live update the launch event like before. So keep refreshing the page!

The launch is now finished, thanks for watching the update! If you haven't see the full contents yet, scroll down and check out the new flagship devices!
1200x628-4.png 1200x628-11.png
Music is in our DNA. The PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus has an independent audio chip, which enables us to achieve a new feature: pure MP3 mode. The rear display can be used only for song-playing, even on a flight! Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 31.png 1200x628-8.png

The PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus comes with Flyme based on Android 7.0 out of the box, including a series of security and AI features such as payment security, parallel spaces, Phone Finder, One Mind, and etc.
Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 26.png
Even though the PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus reaches to great balance between performance and battery consumption, we still put mCharge fast charge technology in the phones, which can charge 67% of the phone in just 30 minutes. Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 27.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 28.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 29.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 30.png
PRO 7 features a Helio P25 CPU and PRO 7 Plus features a Helio X30 CPU. The special thing about X30 is it adopts 10-nm level technique, which is the same technique with the un-released iPhone 8. And
The PRO 7 64GB adopts the eMMC 5.1 flash memory solution and the PRO 7 Plus comes standard with the UFS 2.1 solution. 1200x628-7.png
134.jpeg 135.jpeg
To better fit into users' everyday usage, the PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus has an ELNA signal amplifier to make the signal more strong and stable! 31.jpeg 30.jpg
The front screen is excellent as always.
Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 20.png 1200x628-6.png   
The front camera of PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus has 16MP and the beautification algorithm makes your selfies better than ever. And now there is a new possibility for selfie-lovers! Combined with the rear display, now taking selfies is easier than ever before! You can take selfies with professional blurring mode with the dual camera! 1200x628-10.png
The SONY IMX386 on PRO 6s has been praised by professional photographers around the world. And this time, we put 2 IMX386 lens on PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus, one for colorful and one for monochrome photo capturing. They're like a pair of eyes, finding and capturing every beautiful moment for you!
Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 15.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 16.png
The rear screen of PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus is an AMOLED screen in retina-level! If the main screen is like a door, the rear screen is like a window. A window for your moods, your emotions, and your dreams.The screen can show you the time, phone and message notifications, pedeometer, weather, and even camera!
1200x628-3.png 1200x628-5.png
The PRO 7 and PRO 7 Plus features the cutting-edge forging technologies in MEIZU, and they come with stunning colors! Beside the regular gold and black, we have brushed texture variant. And a new red version.
Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 5.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 9.png     Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 6.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 7.png Meizu PRO 7 Keynote Image 8.png    
Last April, Meizu launched its flagship with small screen PRO 6 and it has been 467 days since then. And the innovative antenna and hardware design has led a new fashion in phone design.
107-pro 6.jpeg
We always invite famous singers to give performance before the launch, however, this time, we invited Shenzhen Symphony Orchestra to give us an elegant and excellent symphony show! 23.jpg 24.jpg 25.jpg 27.jpg 26.jpg
The guests are arriving now. 21.jpg
MEIZU Fans clubs.
20.jpg (Wall of the number '7' in multiple languages).

The keyword for this product: Window, has been put into every detail of this launch. The setup and decoration of the venue reaches new height for this launch! 9.jpg 18.jpg    16.jpg 11.jpg 10.jpg

17.jpg 6.jpg 102.jpeg 97.jpeg 98.jpeg 99.jpeg 101.jpeg  Inside the venue:
2.jpg 3.jpg 1.jpg