[My Foto Journal] The Intro.



2017-09-28 18:05

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[The first week has been finished, and we are continue our Volume 2 at http://forum.flymeos.com/thread-35623-1-1.html]

A new column for PHOTO LOVERS!

We know how much we have changed when we take photos. In the past we use Camera, but now most of us use smartphone. In our phone, we saved our beloved meomories. So today we are starting a new column to collect your stories!

How to play?

1. Comment this thread with one photo you think it's great and tell us the story behind the photo (why this photo is special to you).
2. We will choose 1 photo each week, and the chosen photo will be made into a Polaroid-like postercard image with the story or the digest coming from the user.
3. If the photos are truly great, it will be shared to our FlymeGlobal social channels!

Share your stories now and see if your photo will be selected  next week! Good luck!