[Winner Announced]How Does Flyme Fit into Your Everyday Moment?



2017-06-21 16:42

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The contest has been finished, and we received a lot of our users daily moments. Here are the winners, congratulations!

As we can see in the thread, the lastreply within the contest time is 88#, so the total replies are 87 replies(first floor is the contest content).

So the 15-USD Lucky Draw Winners are:
15%: 17#: kvrtvm (The calculation was 13#, but 13# to16# have been deleted so theprize goes to 17#)
30%: 26#: 用户5202878972
50%: 48#: fiqri21r (The calculation was 44#, but 44# didn’t include featurescreenshot therefore the prize goes to the next valid reply 46#, but 46# won the creative prize, so this prize goes to the next valid reply 48#)
75%: 65#: Yah404
95%:90#: DjPrasad26(The calculation was 83#, but 83# to 86# are not valid replies, and 87# was selected as creative answer, therefore the prize goes to the 90#)

The 25-USD Creative Reply Prizes:
brian_rodrigues: the answer was verydetailed and the images are designed carefully.
Pulak: for his answer shows how economicaland budget-saving Flyme is, and it is beneficial both to adult and kid.
rohit42: for he displayed with vividdetails about how Flyme is fitting into his whole day… in a video!
sidds: for he has discovered the importanteffort that our team has dedicated to the system security!
harshachv32: for he found pleasure in thevery detail of the system

Please send @KKPanda your Amazon account before 24:00 (GMT+8), July 10th, 2017 in forum private messages. Otherwise the prize will be overdued.

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Today, we released Flyme’s 5th birthday video (click here to catch up if you haven’t watch it) It presents how people are having different kinds of moments in their lives. We see struggling moment, mad moment, silly moment, frustrating moment, and naturally some really awesome moments.

In these moments, we find Flyme is always there. So here is a question for our Flyme fans: how does Flyme fit into your everyday life?

Name one moment in your life in which Flyme has contribute a part, for example, it can be your everyday morning alert, it can be your DND mode at the evening, it can be your music player on the road to school or work, etc. etc. etc. We’ll draw 5 users from the valid time period with 15%, 30%, 50%, 75%, and 95% of the total replies. And we’ll select another 5 users with the most creative answers. The prizes will be:

5 Lucky draws: 15 USD Amazon Gift Card
5 Creative answers: 25 USD Amazon GiftCard.

How to participate?
- 1. Reply this thread with descr iptions about the features and how it fits into your daily moment with screenshot or videos or any other displaying form of the feature(s) you are mentioning. To avoid spamming, each user can only post 3 entries. Each entry should be attached with the Meizu account profile screenshot (Settings>Meizu account). If copying other people’s contents is found, you’ll be banned from this contest and from all future Flyme forum contests.
- 2. The contest will end on 18:00 (GMT+8), June 30th . Make sure your replies fall into the valid contest time.
- 3. After the winner is selected, we'll check if the replies are valid (feature screenshots plus Meizu account profile screenshots plus maximum 3 entries). If the selected winner is not qualified, the prize goes to the next valid reply automatically.

- 1.The Amazon card will be sent out based on winners’ countries. If certain country doesn’t have its own Amazon option, we’ll send gift cards from Amazon.com.
- 2. Copying answers are not allowed, so be as creative as possible.
- 3. If you're reading this contest in your local section, please remember that you need to reply in this original thread (bit.ly/FlymeMoment) to participate in the contest.
- 4. If you're entering this page by threads in other languages, you can use your mother tongue to answer the contest thread, the replies will be valid as long as it's original.

Good luck !