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2017-06-24 08:11

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las aplicaciones en segundo plano es de mejor, es la máscara mejor que he probado hasta ahora.
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2017-06-24 08:39

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Edited by kvrtvm at 2017-06-26 07:22

I can send all of information from any page or app using Flyme screenshot utility with advanced features.
Я могу отправить информацию целиком с любой, используя приложение для скриншотов
Flyme с расширенными функциями. -qFUC41wKG8.jpg

Everyday, when I sleep, Flyme making optimization of phone memory, deleting cash and other "trash"
Каждый день , когда я сплю, Flyme оптимизирует память смартфона, удаляя кэш и прочий мусор
Flyme account:

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2017-06-24 10:49

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Edited by goludr at 2017-06-25 20:54


Click every moment quickly (0 shutter time delay) then edit and share with freinds....
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2017-06-24 11:14

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Фишки операционной системы Flyme OS можно перечислять долго, самое главное что она мне не мешает!Я просто с удовольствием пользуюсь своим MX4 PRO каждый день!
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Pulkit_Bhardw ...
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2017-06-24 11:19

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The best i thing i like is that its opration is much faster and simpler,
It has its own app lock, Vault, kid mode, game mode, extrect files, restrict internet access, email app, security app, keyboard app, auto call recorder, notes app, Tools app,   because of these i don't have to install any third party apps, don't have to root my phone which saves my phone's memory.
Flyme gave every feature so i don't have to install many third party apps.

The most used feature by me is smart touch,
Because of this i can switch from one tast to another without going to task bar that saves my time, and i don't have to use m-back butten to go to home screen,
This is the most use feature of flyme and
the best flyme feature for me,
Its just a dot that has massive uses.


When my phone goes out of gas i just open super power saving mode, one more day to day feature i use and love.
I don't care about battery because i have super power saving mode.


There is lot to explore in flyme,
Half of my day goes to flyme in forum, telegram group, themes app, and game.

Its clear that Flyme os is much much better than a simple android OS,
Its features are very useful in day to day work.

That one day i forgot my passward and get afraid that how my phone will work now, but than with forget passward option i.e  meizu account i changed it again.
Thanks for proving this awsome feature,
Now i have no fear to forget my passward.


The most use app by me is notes app,
I set targets to do something and write it on my notes app,
I write my new ideas in notes app.

Notes app is the treasuse of my brain,
What i think, i write it on notes app.


I am a gamer,
I tried aprox every android game,
Modern combat 3-4, San andeas, vice city, brothers, room 1-3, monent vally,
And now there is 1 feature which will support these in back ground i.e game mode,
Thanks for giving my games more power to run smoothly.


And at last the security app,
I don't know how many time i spend on just exploring  secueity app,
I love evey bit of it,
My previous phone xolo q800, i rooted it just to ristrict internet speed of apps,
But now i can restrict app parmissions,
Security app is medicine to cure every problem.


These are some features that i uses in my daily life and are included in my everyday moment.

Good to see flyme has completed 5 years journey.
And i wish it grow more.
And i will become its part for life.

And this is for identification

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2017-06-24 11:50

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Edited by Vinaykumarrock986612 at 2017-06-25 16:24

Happy Birthday Flyme.

Flyme fits into my everyday moment with an Osm homescreen layout.

Flyme have rocked in my friends circle with its osm UI

You think it's funny, but the simple calculator is that app I use more in my life. It helps me a lot to make my work easy. Thank you flyme to bring this kind of osm looking calculator.

One of the best feature I never want to miss, It's nothing but SmartTouch. I always use smart touch to do multitasking, screen locking, to come back to home screen and to see notifications. I love this feature more than other.

Next feature is the battery usage details.
I think flyme only have this kind of osm graphical usage statistics UI. I compared with many other devices, like LeTv, Redmi, Asus and others, but none of the devices have this kind of osm Graphical UI, thank you flyme. Please try to develop more and make the  flyme  as  No. 1 UI in the world.

The next feature is not so old but, It helped me in risky situations to take right decision, I cannot describe them but it also fits into my Daily life.

And the another thing that fits into my daily life is the Browser.
Nothing to say more, you all know how the browser rocks the flyme. S70624-084721.jpg
The feature I loved most in flyme is SmartSelection. It's simple and very much helpful and coooool.
My Meizu account:
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2017-06-24 12:46

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Flyme is the best for me to compare any mobile used till now. I'm a explorer of new places with my family, with flyme cam saving those memories with high quality.
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2017-06-24 14:09

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Edited by Pulak at 2017-06-28 22:14

Flyme is there in every moment of my day to day life and it saves money. Seriously, don’t lough .

It is a gaming hub for my kids and also for me. I don’t have to buy any separate gaming console. Full on gaming entertainment without spending additional bucks. Kids space is a life saver


Got read of my age old digital player and replaced it with Meizu phone and Flyme. Movies, Music, TV Shows, News everything without spending a single penny on a digital player or set top box.


Flyme helped me savings in my professional life also. I don’t have to buy an internet dongle separately. Just enable Flyme hotspot and get connected. Well I can do many other things as well like reading and replying mails, scanning and uploading important documents, scheduling calendar events, reminders for business meetings, notes and memos and many more.


My Flyme Account


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2017-06-24 14:14

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FlyMe is not just a ROM but a very big part of our life. As mobile phones are integral part of our life and work. As we need features and proper OS for productivity. FlyMe features this very well. The feature of managing device's files on desktop hasn't been that easier.
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2017-06-24 14:17

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The calculator app has been integrated with all features you will need for work. As being a student and studying mathematics the calculator app helps me at most times to complete my work and solve my problems in seconds. That just great other than stock AOSP ROMs for which you need to download 3rd party apps for all these features!
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