Meizu M10 - 10 000 mAh powerbank review



2016-09-28 04:05

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Good powerbank today is a necessary accessory for everyone who have a smartphone (unfortunately). In this review I will describe Meizu M10 powerbank a bit.

For a long time I was thinking about buying this powerbank, but till my previous one was working, I didn't see the reason to spend money for another one. Finally old powerbank "died" and I ordered new one from (~27$) and after 3 weeks I received it.

Powerbank Meizu M10 I received in fancy and minimalistic, carton box, which also contained Micro USB cable and chinese manual. On front part of the box we can find information about powerbank capacity, supporting mCharge technology and dedication - "For the lovely ones". On the back we will see basic information about powerbank (SN, certificates) in Chinese.

DSC_5121.jpg DSC_5133.jpg DSC_5122.jpg

Meizu M10 has unusual design. It is quite big - 235g weight and it's size is 143.5 x 75.6 x 17.4 mm, so it can be hard to put it into pocket. But it perfectly fits to bag

On the front side of powerbank we will find Meizu logo, and on the back, lower side there is dedication " For the lovely ones" and information "Designed by Meizu".

DSC_5124.jpg DSC_5127.jpg DSC_5125.jpg

Powerbank is made very good, we can feel high-quality materials (you won't find any tacky plastic here). The coating on the bottom part of device makes any fingerprints aren't visible. What is more, the whole powerbank is quite resistant to scratches, because during whole time of usage I didn't find any (every day I have it in my bag with cable, keys, charger and pen).

DSC_5130.jpg DSC_5131.jpg DSC_5129.jpg

Meizu M10 capacity is 10 000 mAh, however every powerbank have some losses. In this case, Meizu declares a loss of about 7%, so the real capacity is about 9300 mAh. Practice tests confirm it. The battery of my phone (Meizu Pro 6) is 2560 mAh. For the test I was starting charging when the battery level dropped to 10%. M10 was able to charge my phone 3 times to 100% and 1 time to 80-90%, before it stopped working.

And I can assure everyone, Meizu M10 supports mCharge and even fast charge for some phones, because during tests I used Meizu Pro 6, which was charged with the same speed as using original charger and Samsung Galaxy S5 which has been charged faster than with the original Samsung charger.

When powerbank run out power, we must spend about 4h to charge it full (when using original Meizu Pro 5/6 charger).

Assuming, Meizu M10 is perfect choice for people who have Meizu smartphones and want to be sure of powerbank quality without paying huge amount money for it. It could be much better if producer would put 2 USB ports, that would allow to charge 2 devices at the same time, and to provide USB-C charging port instead of Micro USB one (as most of Meizu devices have USB-C ports). But I believe, that new Meizu powerbanks would offer more capacity options