is m2 mini supposed to spend alot of charge while using mobile internet?



2019-05-01 18:08

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hello guys, i have meizu m2 mini and when i use wi fi - it spends just a bit of charge (though it comes to 0% in 2-3 days of no using, and without play services installed it saves charge fot 7 days). but when i turn on the mobile internet (3g) charge is getting drain so fast, that's like 1% in 2 minutes... AND if i'm downlaoding something - it gets drained even faster and its like 1% in about 1 minute. i thought it's ok, untill i saw my classmates playing pubg mobile with mobile internet for 5 hours (i believe my phone would last for about 20-30 minutes). and that would be ok if my phone had perfect mobile internet, but no, it ***ing lags wherever i am. it just works normally first few seconds AND THEN it gets speed very low or even turns off at all untill i have to turn it off and on again. just because of these 2 annoying reasons i think about buying samsung
my phone is 2-3 years old

what is wrong with that meizu?