[REVIEW] Meizu Pro 7 Plus - 2 screens are really nice idea



2018-04-05 05:54

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As you may know I am huge Meizu fan for over 2 years. I was waiting a lot to test Meizu Pro 7 Plus, especially because standard version will be available in my country - Poland. So now the review is ready

Design is the best (as usual)

I really don't know why many people is telling, that Xiaomi is Chinese Apple. When I bought Meizu Pro 5 2 years ago, than Pro 6, MX6 and Pro 6 Plus I didn't find any Meizu device, that would have bad design. Meizu Pro 7 Plus isn't different, and the magic begins when you look at the box...
meizu pro 7 plus (1).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (3).JPG

Inside of the PCV box we have phone and plastic case, SIM tray pin, fast charger with USB-C cable. Quite standard kit for the phones, but I wish Meizu put earphones there too.

meizu pro 7 plus (2).JPG

Phone itself is really good. In front we have 5,7 inch Super AMOLED screen with QHD (2560 x 1440 px) resolution. Meizu didn't decide to make the phone "bezelles" - on each side we have quite big frames, comparing to competitors. Below the screen we have mTouch button, which is Home button, back button and fingerprint scaneer in one.

meizu pro 7 plus (7).JPG

Above the screen there is speaker, proximity sensor and front camera (I write about it more in Camera section). There is also white notification LED.

meizu pro 7 plus (6).JPG

Meizu Pro 7 Plus Specification

  • Size and weight: 157,34 x 77,24 x 7,3 mm, 170 g
  • Main screen: Super AMOLED, 5,7 inch, QHD resolution (2560 x 1440 px), 518 PPI
  • Secondary screen: Super AMOLED, 1,9 inch, 240 x 536 px resolution, RETINA quality, 307 PPI
  • SoC: Mediatek Helio X30 (2,6 GHz) with IMG PowerVR 7XTP GPU
  • Memory: 64 GB / 128 GB UFS 2.1
  • Main camera: 2x 12 Mpix Sony IMX 386, f/2.0, (color + mono)
  • Front camera: 16 Mpix, f/2.0
  • Battery: 3500 mAh with mCharge 4.0 (25W, 5V/5A)
  • Connectivity: LTE, Bluetooth 4.2, WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, GPS, GLONASS
  • More: mTouch fingerprint scanner, audio 3.5 mm, USB-C, audio chip Cirrus Logic CS43130, Dual SIM
meizu pro 7 plus (8).JPG

Mediatek isn't that bad as you think!
If you hare Mediatek hater, I must dissapoint you. Helio X30 is doing very well in daily usage. What is more - because Meizu doesn't allow to unlock bootloader, there isn't a problem with sources for this SoC missing. Because of that "common" user won't find any problem with this SoC, because Meizu Pro 7 Plus is working very good.
meizu pro 7 plus (4).JPG

Without any problems every application is working, even if there are many of them in background. Connectivity is very good as well - 4G is fine everywhere. I didn't notice any WiFi nor GPS problems as well.

meizu pro 7 plus (22).JPG

What is more, if you are player, you won't be dissapointed. Even those games, that have "high requirements" like Need for Speed: No Limits or Mortal Kombat X didn't make the device warm. Image quality was very good and I didn't notice any lags!

Unfortunately the phone isn't perfect. Time on single charging isn't the best. During normal usage Meizu Pro 7 Plus have 4-4,5h SoT. There were situations, where at the late evening I was afraid, that battery will die before the end of the day.

And if you are digits fans, below you can find some benchmarks results (AnTuTu, AndroBench, A1 SD):
S71223-01045643.jpg S71223-06274605.jpg S71228-23550795.jpg

Phone is great, but Flyme OS could be better

We are on Flyme OS forum, so I couldn't miss this part. Everything is working great - no lags, no problems, but Flyme OS itself becomes a bit obsolete. There are many language issues (this is for Polish users) and design is quite "old" comparing to competition I have big hopes about Flyme OS 7 that should be presented this year.

meizu pro 7 plus (5).JPG

Additional screen is nice idea!

Yes, I must admit, that adding secondary screen is nice concept. At the same time, it seems to me that Meizu approached the subject a bit neglectful and I miss certain functions. What? From the beginning, we have the option of setting the screen saver and deciding what information to display (steps, notifications, weather, preview when taking pictures).

But that is all. I wish to see there what hour it is at the moment for the whole time (or only if the device lies on front), Spotify management (I don't have music on phone), etc. I hope Meizu will add something more in upcoming updates.
meizu pro 7 plus (9).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (11).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (12).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (15).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (13).JPG meizu pro 7 plus (20).JPG

Camera is good, but not the best
At the end, as usual, something about camera. Summarizing - it's not the best. Selfie camera is ok, but I must say, that I don't see the reasont to use it if we have secondary screen (main camera is much better, than front one) where we can preview the image. Photos made during a day are really good, but at night aren't the best... but, I must say, that bokeh effect is really great. Check yourself:
Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (1).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (2).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (3).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (5).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (7).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (8).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (9).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (11).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (15).jpg Zdjęcia Meizu Pro 7 Plus (16).jpg

And that's all I hope you enjoy reading my review and hope to make another one soon ;) Below you have more phone photos ;)

meizu pro 7 plus (16).JPG
meizu pro 7 plus (17).JPG
meizu pro 7 plus (18).JPG
meizu pro 7 plus (19).JPG
meizu pro 7 plus (21).JPG