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2016-07-12 09:08

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The global stable version of Flyme 5 has been released officially for 2 months. We believe you guys have experienced it thoroughly. And now, we are ready to hear all your voices and to make Flyme better! Now let's see what's so special about this new topic series!

The purpose of this topic is tri-fold:
1) to collect the most-frequently demanded features;
2) to explain the principle behind Flyme design (why this and why not that);
3) to enable users to communicate with Flyme product managers directly -- the PM will analyze the feasibility of some suggestions and might even give you an ETA of that feature!

By replying this thread and leaving your suggestions, concerns or doubts. We'll select 10 representative questions and ask related product managers to answer them.

This series will be releasing on every Monday with a new topic. The deadline for every topic is 10 AM (Chinese time) on Friday morning of every week, and all the answers will be released on next Monday with a new topic.
For example, we start 'Gallery' today, so 'Gallery' would be the topic of this week. We'll select questions before (include) this Friday, and present the answers on next Monday, together with a new topic for the next week.

Every one in this forum can participate in this topic.

Replies that contains suggestions or questions which are related to  Flyme features are allowed. Bugs or complaint replies will be deleted. If you want to report a bug, please go to 'Bugs' section.

And today, we'll kick off this topic with the app that we use everyday -- Gallery. Tell us your suggestions or questions about Gallery features and design, we'll get your answers on next Monday!

Also you can watch our latest video (Photo editing video click here) to learn a little bit using tricks in Gallery  and then come back to us and tell us your thoughts on this system app. Let's roll!