Is M6 Note dead?



2019-08-30 21:24

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Hi, after using M6 Note for over 8 months (maybe) I must say this phone has amazing hardware but software wise it's terrible. FlymeOS 6 was worst experience I had with Android. FOS 7 is way better. But after everyday use I have feeling there are still more bugs. This phone really needs update. Not because of new Android version or security updates (I've never had virus or malware on my phones) but because it has so many bugs and flaws that need to be fixed. Sad is Meizu probably isn't doing anything to fix that. They released FOS 7.3 on chinese version of this phone but not on global. They even have FOS 7.9 Beta on chinese version. And now they announced FlymeOS 8. This looks like they burried this phone. I'd like to get these bugs fixed so I can fully use my phone without any problems because I'm not going to buy new phone. They're all ugly with notches and punch holes in screen. Otherwise I'm really happy with this phone. And what do you think guys? Did Meizu burried this phone? Will they release any update for it?