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2016-07-07 23:24

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Screenshots are one of the best features of any android smartphone. All of us have a habit of saving screenshots of any important matter that we want to save for viewing later which may be important news, reviews, online documents for quick referring later, some online notes during exams, web pages etc. For all of these screenshots really serve a great purpose in our lives and make our work much easier for us.

But despite all of these the screenshots have been restricted to the screen size of the smartphone that we own. We can only click the screenshots of the contents displayed on the screen and if the contents like the webpage is too long then we have to click the screenshots in parts. This leads to a bad experience and sometimes if we take too many screenshots, all of these may get mixed up and we do not know which screenshot belongs where, especially in case of documents.

The solution to all of this ? Long screenshots!!

A Long screenshot or a Scrolling screenshot is a screenshot which enables you to capture the entire contents of the page. So is it an article of your favorite travel destination you want to capture or a smartphone review which you want to view later or may be a chat with your friend, you can now easily capture the entire page and view it later as a whole. You just have to follow the normal screenshot procedure and scroll down until the length of the page you want to capture and there you have your screenshots saved. The Long screenshots feature would be a huge improvement over the existing screenshot feature.

Here is an example of long screenshots...

Long screenshot 1.jpg Long screenshots 2.jpg

So what do you feel about this feature. Do you want such a feature in Flyme. What more advantages can you think of this feature. Join the debate and share your views.

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This feature would be a great addition to FlymeOS.

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I did not find this feature useful.

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