[Flyme]I cant't transfer my important notes



2019-10-07 07:30

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I really need help. Sorry for my English. My problem is that I urgently need to save all my notes on another device(or cloud), but I do not find any way to do this, except to save manually one at a time.  I currently have 731 notes.

1. I can’t synchronize my data using the flyme account, because my version of the flyme shell is, which means that there is no such function.  "Flyme sync function is disabled in this firmware version."  When you try to open files on the server, an error.  I do not consider flashing for the reason that in order to reflash, you need to have your saved data on another device or in the cloud, but I can’t do this (I can’t transfer notes) ...

2. I can make a backup, but I don’t see a guarantee that it is the notes that will remain intact.  When you make a backup, there is an item "software and data" and there is no item "notes".  I’m not sure that notes will be saved along with the data and software, which, in turn, are “sewn into the system itself,” according to experts.  And for the same reason, I can’t just get them and transfer them to another device.

I had attempts to install the emulator on a PC, transfer files from my smartphone (com.meizu.notepaper) to this program and install apk Memos, but all of them failed: there was not a single note when opening the application.

Tell me, what can i do?  What manipulations can still be done?  Most notes are very important and those in which there is a lot of text cannot even be transmitted through the application itself, because the smartphone indicates an excessively large size to me.

If you have thoughts on this, please leave me an answer.  Or perhaps you know where to go with such a problem.