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2019-06-03 03:40

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Hello everyone , i am a Note 6 user for quite some time now! When i bought it i thought it had the global rom coz thats what the website was claiming but i realized yesterday , when i tried to update to 7.1G that i was using a heavily globalised A ROM if i can describe it like that. Of course it had everything from google services to almost every language and stuff , but i decided to update the firmware from Flyme 6.X.A to 7.1A and then i got an update for 7.2A Stable.

So far i'm really enjoying the new stuff i find the chinese Rom to be very fancy , especially the themes and stuff like that , ofc i uninstalled all the bloatware with ease but the thing is that im seeing some issues/bugs like sometimes the WLAN won't work it will be connnected but i can't load any pages or for example messenger won't work and stuff like that which is kinda annoying. Same goes for the notifications which i receive after a certain amount of time or when i'm opening the application , bugs that for most apps i wasn't facing before updating .

So i was wondering is the 7.1G Rom less buggy than the 7.2A? If so can i somehow patch Global Rom into my Asian one? Are there any tips and tricks to make the A Rom work better regarding the notifications and stuff?

Thanks again!