MEIZU Official AliExpress Store Opening!



2018-08-22 18:13

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Wanting to buy a MEIZU gadget but couldn't find a store? Today the MEIZU AliExpress Official Store is opened to solve this pickle!
In the store, you can buy latest MEIZU phones, coolest MEIZU accessories, and get latest promotion in the first place!

Coupon image.png
The new store has several promotional deals going on! You can click here to get store coupons, and we have also made a promotional coupons collection for you, including both store coupons and AliExpress coupons. You can check them here. In the upcoming 828 Event of AliExpress, MEIZU Store will also have various deals going on! You can follow the store and get latest deals anytime!

Some frequently asked questions:

Q: How can I find the MEIZU Store on AliExpress?
A: You can find it by the link: It's easy to remember.
    Or you can come to Flyme Forum and click the side column to go to the store.
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Q: Do I have to pay for shipping?
A: The price in the store contains shipping costs. Currently MEIZU Store useAliexpress standard shipping, it's a postal shipping, mostly shipped by Singaporepost. If you need to use post services or express services other than default couriers, you might need to pay extra for shipping. For more details, you can check Shipping Method in the store.

Q: Do I have to pay custom for the product?
A: The price in the store does not contain custom charges. The custom charges differ from country to country, but normally non-standard couriers are more likely to be charged compared to store standard couriers. For more details, you can consult the customer service in the store.

Q: How can I contact the store customer service?
A: You can send us consultations by using 'Contact Now' in the store (both web and app). We will respond within 24 hours. For higher efficiency, please describe your questions as accurately as possible.
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Q: Does the product purchased from MEIZU AliExpress Store has warranty?
A: When you buy our product in the store, if you have MEIZU service center near you, you can choose to buy AliExpress Warranty to get 1-year local warranty service. The Aliexpress Service repairwarranty(Optional): 1 year local service which cost 4% - 4.5% of the product price (4.5% for Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, and Poland; 4% for  Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus).If you don't have MEIZU service center in your city, you can consult the store customer service for aftersales service information.

The service terms might be changing from time to time, for latest update or renewal of the term, please check MEIZU Store's page. If the terms vary from this thread, the store terms will prevail.