[Activities]Fonearena Quiz Contest: WIN 3 m3note & 10 HD50



2016-05-09 16:31

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WINNERS Announced:
Fonearena has announcedthe winners yesterday. Look at the results here:http://www.fonearena.com/blog/18 ... r-announcement.html
We know the quiz was noteasy, appreciate everyone who participated.
We will bring more suchcontest in the future. Stay Tuned!
We were overwhelmed with the love we received from our fans for m3note. Media too has been giving some very positive reviews for the device.

For the love of our fans, In co-operation with Fonearena we bring to you an exciting contest.

Quiz contest where the prizes are: 3 m3note & 10 HD50 headphones.

How to participate:
1. Reply your answers for all the 10 questions below within the contest period, 17:00 9th May- 23:59 19th May (Indian time GMT +05:30)2. Complete Fonearena Rafflecopter step 2, by spreading the word about the contest in Twitter.


1. Replies are visible to author only, and each user is limited to reply 3 times, please reply carefully;
2. If there're multiple replies by a user after the contest start, only count the first correct reply, the other will not be counted;

How will the winners be selected?
To qualify - Please complete the quiz by give right answers to all the questions & tweet about the contest.
Lucky Draw - Rafflecopter will pick up the 13 winners via Lucky Draw.

Quiz Questions:

1. Which year was Meizu established and in which city is Meizu's HQ located?

2. Name the model number of each phone in below picture from left to right:


3. How many meetups have Meizu Flyer held in India? And in which cities?

4. How many templates in Flyme5 Memo app? What are their names?

5. Tell the earphone model names from left to right:
2.png 3.png 111.png 4.png

6. Which logo doesn't appear in Meizu's products?
A. 20160509152549.png   B. 20160509152558.png   
C. 20160509152612.png   D. 20160509152529.png   
E. 20160509152628.png

7. How many apps in Flyme5 Toolbox? What's their names?

8. Which Meizu models has Micro SD card slot? MX4, MX4 PRO, M1 note, M2 note, M2, PRO5, MX5, PRO6, M3 note, M3, Metal

9. Is there mistake for the below screenshot? (yes or no)

10. Which was the first model to adopt mBack?

Fonearena has all the rights for the contest & they will be announcing the Winners in their blog.
All the best!!!