Beta update error



2019-02-25 17:38

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Ok guys, so yesterday I decided to install a new flyme update in my meizu m3 note, as it had flyme, which was quite an old version with android 5.1.I chose the beta update for my device, as I saw it was suitable with it; however, after installing it and restarting my phone, I realized that my keyboard didn't work properly, along with some spots on the screen such as the back button and the slide bar. The home button was changed for the upvolume and cannot even return to the previous app I was and I have to close the whole app and open it again.
As the update obviously didn't work, I decided to go back to; nevertheless, any time I try to reinstall it or any other update a message pops in and says "This update is international version, which doesn't match the system version. To ensure proper functioning of the system, it's strongly suggested that you clear your data when updating", or either "a restart is requiered to complete the update" (this message shows up with other updates).

The point is that, even though I try to update it, whenever I open the .zip update, my mobile just restarts and does not install the update, so I am still on beta, with no IMEI and no GSM baseband.
Anyway, my serial number is CPT22HRN (if necessary).
If you guys know how to fix this, I would be extremely grateful, as I just got my phone repaired and I'd like to use it properly. And I don't mind having to delete all my data, it's already empty.