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2018-02-15 22:34

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Hey guys! As you might know, in China it's Spring Festival, the Chinese lunar new year, and the biggest and the most important festival for Chinese people. Nowadays as more and more Chinese people living worldwide, the Spring Festival is also getting famous. So today let's see what are the traditions for this special holiday.

Before the festival
The new year is the first day of January on lunar calendar, however, the Spring Festival preparation begins at December 8th on the lunar calendar. After the December 8th, people starts cleaning the room, buying new year grocery, making new year food, everything about the new year. It is a good tradition to clean the house before the Spring Festival to welcome a brand new year.
And since China has huge territory and polulation, each region has its own traditional new year food. Some prepare sausages, some prepare pickled vegetables, some prepare candies or rice cake, and so on. Also it is very important to wear new clothes and new shoes after the new year's eve, so selecting outfits and shoes is a major task to finish before the festival

New Year's Eve
On new year's eve, people usually is very busy. First they need to put on red couplets on the door of their house or apartment. On the couplets are words which contains good wishes such as good fortune, health, wishes coming true, and etc.
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While the guys and kids doing the couplets, housewives are always busying prepare the food for the dinner. The new year's eve dinner is a big thing for every family. Just like Mid-Autumn Festival, 'reunion' is a key element in Spring Festival. If you live far away from your hometown, you will definitely coming home for this important reunion.
Kids love new year's eve, because their parants and other relatives will give them some pocket money (lucky money, or gift money) in a red envelope. It's a tradition to encourage kids to behave well and get strength from their family. Kids will put the lucky money in their pocket or put it under the pillow, as a gesture of keep the strength with them.
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In the evening, traditionally people light fireworks and firecrackers, however the celebration is not so environmentally-friendly, so people now seldom light firecrackers. Although people's entertainment during the night is diversified, most people still choose to watch a TV show called 'Spring Festival Gala Evening', which contains singing, dancing, standup comedies, magic show, and sometimes some traditional Chinese opera.
The New Year
On the first day of the new year, people go out and visit relatives, bringing some gifts, normally wine, candies, or fruits. This is to greet and meet family members that are not seeing each other very often. This gesture keeps family close.
When meeting people, even between strangers, people start conversation with 'Happly New Year'. And during the festival people say nice things and wishes constantly to each other.
During the Spring festival, everything is red: lanterns, decorations, gift packages, and etc. And yellow, sometimes gold, is the perfect side color for red. These 2 colors combined represent fire, which traditionally is a token of warmth and prosperity.

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Above are some knowledges about Spring Festival. This festival, is a symbol of hope, a new beginning, and family reunion. We wish you guys can feel the celebration here in our team and have a very nice and fruitful new year!