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2017-12-03 04:05

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Edited by xSoniak at 2017-12-03 04:07

I have a problem and I am asking if anyone knows any solution. Namely, for 2-3 months I have FlymeOs 6 and I have not logged in to my account. (I did not need it) However, the latest version irritated me so much that I wanted to return to Flyme or Flyme 5. However, to do this I need Root. By logging into the account, I have to log off from another account first. (I am the first owner of the account and the email is not mine). Is anyone able to help me live in poland and I do not have any stores in my country that could advise. I'm adding a photo that shows my problem.Croatan@flyme.cn. it's not my email. Factory reset not working .