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2017-08-29 17:34

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Hi guys, what's up! In the previous volume we discussed the camera beautification feature, and today we are going to find out what changes the Gallery can bring to our VIDEOS!

As the interface of an image, when you watch a video in your Gallery, you will get several options such as Edit, Favorite, Share, Delete and More.
When we tap on 'Edit', we can see 3 options: Crop, Filters and Themes.
By tapping on 'Crop', you can trim the video from start or from the end. Currently it supports this way of trimming only, cutting the middle part is not available yet.

And in 'Filters' we have 11 styles to fit your likings. You can tap on the filter you like and tap 'Save' to save the change and exit to the previous interface.

In 'Themes', you can choose from 5 themes to make your video more lively. In addition, the themes come with music!

This is the video editing feature in Flyme 6 Gallery app. Now you can make your own personalized video without any third-party apps!

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