Flyme Apps Deep Dive - Camera Modes



2017-06-15 17:57

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As one of the core functions of a smartphone, Camera might be the most important feature for a lot of users. And today, more and more people use camera for more than a simple photo.

In Flyme 6, we upgraded the camera features as well. As we can see on the screen, we now have 8 modes in Camera:
Pro: This is the 'Manual' mode in previous Flyme versions. Users can adjust the parameters here as they want. As the name suggests, this mode is particularly fond by advanced photography lovers. By using this mode, you can capture fine photos that sometimes are impossible to get by Auto mode.
Macro: One of my personal favorites, particularly good for flower and food photos. When you want to take photos of an object from a very near distance, this is the right mode for you because it can blur the background and capture the very details of the object.
Slo-mo: Perfect for capturing moving object.
Time-lapse: When you use this mode, make sure you have a very firm platform to hold the phone such as s tripod. Place the camera at the view you want to capture, and the camera will take photos at certain intervals. After a while it will generate a small video to show the change of the scene. A lot of users use it to capture the changing of sunrise or sunset, which is very magnificent.
Panorama: This one is a very basic feature for the camera now. You can use it to capture wide screen scenes.
Light field: When using this mode, the camera will focus on 7 spots on the screen, and you can select the focus after the photo is taken.
Scan: QR code nowadays is becoming more and more popular. This feature can be used to scan bar code or QR code, which is very convenient in daily life.
Gif: This feature was added in Flyme 5, and it was welcomed by most of the users. In this mode, you can shoot a small video and the camera will save it as Gif image automatically. In this way you can share the video without using extra converting tools.

These are the camera modes in Flyme 6. In the future we'll dig more about each modes. Share us some of your best shots! It might get selected to be posted on Flyme's Instagram (@FlymeGlobal). Have fun!