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2017-04-12 22:34

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Edited by Shady_Ankit at 2017-04-15 15:20

Previously I was using Flyme Public Beta, so my reviews will be based on that.

1. Themes: A new app themes has been added which was previously removed from Flyme beta. I guess this global app is not tested because
a) It does not shows the theme screenshots
b) When clicking on profile icon, it takes you back from themes app to home
c) The app has not been integrated to system settings because whem you click on themes button in system settings it does nothing.

2. Google Play Store: I've granted all the app permissions it asked for and when I download any app I get no notification of downloading but when the app downloads and starts to install and get installed then I get notification in unimportant notification shade.

3. Music: a) Music search function still not improved though I kind of able to search because of a little trick
b) Lyrics still does not sync with the song now playing
c) Option to scan cover art and lyrics has been removed
d) Still that chinese mark in now playing screen not removed.
e) Recently added songs option not yet added in this version.

4. Security patch has been updated

5. Chinese button while uninstalling an app has been translated to English.

Here is the Full Review of this update.
If you want to share any other new feature or bug or any kind of dissatisfaction then comment it here.