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Forum Highlights of September & October Attached Images ... 1 2 Flyme Column 15 3060 avinashvadapalli 2017-12-03 11:47
  You guys have time to launch new products, create new contests/threads but your team does not have t ...
Flyme Stable Initial Review Flyme Column 4 575 Shady_Ankit 2017-07-14 23:17
this is cool Attached Images Flyme Column 8 450 Shady_Ankit 2017-11-07 22:45
  This thread was all fake.
Flyme Global Stable? ... 1 2 3 Flyme Column 29 1125 Shady_Ankit 2017-11-16 00:07
  And we will forever be on Lollipop I guess.
  Never ever buying this shit.
  M5 has got Nougat Beta firmware with many many bugs, let's see when will other phones get it!
  The moderators are still running contests rather than to provide any answer for updates and all.
  1.Forum was meant to tell old customers about their new launches. 2.This forum is just a way for o ...
  Right. Why they are launching new phones when they can't serve the old customers
  And remaining 30% are the developers and the company owners themselves {:emo_apple ...
  Good decision.
  Yeah right or maybe Meizu's developers are not human.
  Hardware is not that good, I don't know how Meizu is still selling phones and why people are buyin ...
  It should be renamed to Neverbuyme
  Disappointed since the day of buying Meizu.
Rom MIUI for M3s M3s 6 1220 用户5201498580 2017-11-27 03:42
  No MIUI, not even a custom recovery.
It's Dream or The truth for M3s? Attached Images ... 1 2 3 M3s 20 950 MEI_IQ855 2017-11-11 22:54
  This thread was fake as no moderator has created the thread. Further, the English was poor. So it wa ...
when will the global version of android 7 appear on meizu m3 note? India 2 315 rudra964 2017-11-11 17:43
hello? where are updates for us? Flyme Column 6 250 Vohra 2017-11-17 17:30
  Noone is going to revert to this thread and answer our questions????
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