[Discover 6] Chapter 9: Camera



2017-03-15 13:02

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For the past weeks we've been talking about One Mind, and today let's see what's new about the Flyme 6 camera, a major concern of most users
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The new algorithm improvements of Flyme 6 camera mainly include 3 aspects: facial beautification, zero-delay camera and 1-in-N algorithm.

In Flyme 6, we worked together with the world's leading image technology provider ArcSoft for a more natural facial beautification solution. The new ArcSoft algorithm can smartly recognize gender, age, skin colortone and face feature of people on the camera no matter it's front camera or rear camera. The features include advanced beautification, real-time makeup mode, and details adjustments such as whitening, face slimming or makeup , all of which allow you to perfect your photos the way you desire.

Another important factor in taking a good photo is the shutter speed. The unique Zero-delay Camera of Flyme 6 is our solution to this. Now, you can shoot great photos with just a tap on the shutter button without missing one single wonderful moment. The zero-delay camera also allows you to capture excellent pictures with quicker startup, shooting, focusing and imaging.
zero delay.png

And the powerful 1-in-N algorithm means when you click the shutter, a series of photos are taken in that moment and the smart algorithm will automatically select the best one.

With Flyme 6's new camera, now you can shoot better photos everyday. Share us your best photos with Flyme 6 and we'll pick the best ones to post on our Instagram

Link: Check out some Macro photos from M3 Note on Flyme 6 here