[Discover 6] Chapter 8: OM - Process Reaper



2017-03-08 16:51

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Hi guys, have you all updated your phones to Flyme 6 public beta? If you do, then you must discover how much One Mind has silently done in the background. Today is the last chapter of One Mind --- Process Reaper.

In Android operating system, we have a process management called Low Memory Killer, which ideally should kill unnecessary processes when the memory is insufficient. But in reality, the phone is always stuck with stubborn apps and processes and gradually it gets slower. This situation is even worse when apps are linked together, which means when you launch one app, several other linked apps will also be activated in the background, even if you don't see it, their services run secretly and consume your data and battery.

But with the new Process Reaper of One Mind, you can say goodbye to all linked apps and malware. Process Reaper will detect the launching strategy of linked apps and freeze this strategy, so users' data and battery will not be hijacked by these linked apps. Meanwhile, Flyme 6 is updating and learning from the cloud about the latest app strategy so it can deal with multiple kinds of malware.

Meanwhile, Process Reaper will analyze and decide which app needs background internet access, which app needs to be running at backstage, and which app should be closed once it's in the background. You don't want a game app holding up your capacity after you end it, right?

The strategy towards each app is different and evolves constantly based on cloud data and user habits. This is the idea of One Mind - Know you better day by day.

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