[Discover 6] Chapter 7: OM - Overnight Repair



2017-02-22 17:04

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In last chapter, we explored the Game Mode of One Mind, which lead to another question: after so many game playing, web browsing and app using, the phone will be cluttered with junk files and the system will be slowed because of too many ongoing processes.
So today, we are going to see what's Flyme 6's strategy to deal with these factors that slow down the system --- Overnight Repair.


The name actually pretty much states itself: it cleans the system junk files and unnecessary progresses at night. After a period of using, One Mind will get an idea of when the user goes to sleep, during which the phone is not being used. This is a great time for the feature Overnight Repair to clear cache files, end apps or progresses and delete junk files. So in the morning, the user will get a phone system which stays at its optimal status. Because all these are going on while the user is asleep, this process can hardly be noticed by the user, and it needs no operation from the user because it's all automatic.

This is the best thing about One Mind --- YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING! It's thoughtful and powerful and automatic. All you need to do is relax and enjoy its work.

Next week we'll show you the last but not least feature of One Mind. Stay tuned!