Flyme Tips Chapter 6 Vol.2: Music: Previous/Next song feature



2016-12-08 11:46

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In this week's Flyme tip we will introduce a very useful feature: "Music skip."
Flyme's OS let's users enjoy listening to music, there will be a time when friends ask: Why doesn't Meizu headphones realize the song change function? Every time I want to change to the next song I have to pull out the phone to switch songs? I can only say that you do not understand Meizu too well, as well as you don't understand Flyme. In Flyme's music application, long before the support through the wire-controlled headphones to cut songs. The operation is also very simple: double-click the play button to switch to the next song, triple-click the playback key to switch to the previous song.
So what are you waiting for? Feel free to give it a try for yourself!

Did this Flyme tip help you with your music skip features?
Ps: If you are not able to see the picture in the mobile version, please switch to the pc moblie version on the bottom right of the page to switch, thank you.

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