[Debate] Which do you think is the best screen size? (above 5.2 inch or below)



2016-05-28 12:57

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Nowadays mobile screen size is getting bigger and bigger, it offers better visual effect when you are watching movies, playing games or browsing a webpage; but in the other hand, big screen size will bring trouble when you put the phone in your jeans pocket,and difficult for one hand operation; and today, our debate topic is: if you can only choose a kind of screen size (bigger size or smaller size), what will you choose?

Pro Side (27)

Above 5.2 inch
Reason: Bigger screen can offer better visual effect on movie watch, gaming, web browsing, etc.

Con Side (24)

Below 5.2 inch
Reason: Smaller size is more portable, less battery consuming, easy for one hand operation.