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2016-07-22 15:59

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We received questions from our users about Flyme design, such like why there's no App Drawer in Flyme? Why we can't install Apps in external SD card? Here we created a new series: Behind the scenes, to give you the design ideas behind Flyme.

Why there’s no App Drawer in Flyme?

Flyme is designed to be simple and easy to use, App Drawer is a 2nd level menu which will lower the efficiency and higher the cost of study.

Why we can’t install APPs in external SD card? Is there any technical difficulty?

First of all, even we install APPs in external SD card, there’re dex codes and data/caches of the APPs need to stay under the “/data” folder in the mobile ROM, for an APP of 3MB in capacity, the dex file may up to 2MB, we can only move the APK file to SD card, and dex file still need to stay in the mobile ROM;

Flyme supported installing APPs in external SD card, but we canceled it later; it was because we can’t guarantee the quality of external SD card, and it affected loading speed and stability, lower user experience.

So there’s no technical difficulties, install APPs in external SD card will cause higher power consumption, instability, slower the loading speed, etc. We also don’t suggest our users to use 3rd party software to move APPs from internal ROM to external SD card.

What power saving solutions is using on Flyme?

1.We embed Super power saving mode in Security App, path: Security-Power-Super mode, it disables all other Apps and only keeps Phone call & SMS functions; each 1% battery can last around 1 hour;

2.We optimized system Apps for about 100 main using scenarios, make it power saving and smooth in operation;

3.We activate different CPU cores according to system loading levels; to keep a balance among mobile temperature, performance, power consumption and CPU frequency. We reduce unnecessary power consumption alongside with best hardware running condition.

Do you think this information is useful to you? What doubts do you have about Flyme? Please reply your ideas here.

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