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2016-06-08 13:33

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We've brought the theme center in the recent Flyme updates, and today we are going to see what's inside it.

We can see in current theme center version, there's themes and wallpapers available, there's banners on the top about different categories, and below there're previews of New Themes, Hot Themes and Featured wallpaper.
flymeThemeCenter (1).png

And inside both theme & wallpaper album, they are devided by 3 parts: Rank, Subject and Category.

flymeThemeCenter (9).png
Inside rank, themes are order by hot and new, there're hundreds of themes so far. 

flymeThemeCenter (10).png   

And about subject, there're albums like Top themes, Beautiful Icon, OS style, The Essence of Blue, Black & Whtie Series, etc.

flymeThemeCenter (2).png

In each album, the background is designed to be fit the topic, and bring better visual layout.
flymeThemeCenter (5).png   

Inside "Category", there're Cool, Literature, Fresh, Skeuomorphic, Cute, Simple, Cartoon, Flat and Love subcategories.
flymeThemeCenter (3).png

It's easy to install the themes, select one of your favorate theme, click download, and after that click apply:
flymeThemeCenter (11).png flymeThemeCenter (12).png flymeThemeCenter (13).png

You can see all your downloaded themes & wallpapers in My center:
flymeThemeCenter (6).png

We have made a video review about theme center, for your better understanding:

Some samples of the applied themes:

flymeThemeCenter (15).png flymeThemeCenter (16).png

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