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2018-09-08 15:57

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Flyme 7 Experience Beta or Flyme 7 Lite Beta is released for MEIZU M5 and M5s recently. There must be lot of doubts or questions in your mind so this post may help you. As this is not stable version, it is not available on
http://www.flymeos.com/firmware.html. So, let’s get started –

What is Flyme 7 Experience Beta or Lite Version?
Lite version is supposed to provide Flyme 7 experience to users but with less features. Also due to hardware and resources restrictions, it will not be updated in future. So, if you face any serious bug, you can downgrade or revert back to Flyme anytime. So, you don’t need to report bugs as they will not be fixed. You can download it and also can check Tutorial, Precautions and Change Log here.

So, now you know what is Flyme 7 Lite version but is it safe to install it? What features are available in this version? Are there any serious bugs? What about performance and Battery Back up?
These must be the main questions in your mind right now. Well, I have tried this Lite version in my M5 and I was shocked. I don’t know why it is Lite version. It has more features than regular Flyme 7 and is more stable too. Here is my review based on the experience –

Features in Lite Version
If you didn’t checked my Flyme 7 Review thread, you can check it here. Because this Lite version has all the features I explained there except – Night Mode (which is also not available in Flyme 7 Stable), Search or Assistant, New Music App UI, Camera, Screen Recorder and Face Unlock (which is limited to some devices only).
That said, there are some new features too. Before I explain them, let’s look at “About Phone”-
Android Version – 6.0
Android Security Patch - August 1, 2018
Build Number – Flyme beta
Here are some shocking new features-

New Themes
Yes, there are new themes in Themes app. Some of them I already shared in my Amazing Themes Series but now you don’t need to do that rename thing to use them. It will be interesting to see how often we will get the new themes in the Themes app. That way, I don’t need my Themes Series to offer new themes to you guys. I will share the apk of this new version of Themes App or Theme Files (.mtpk) directly in the bottom of the thread or in my Themes Series Next Volume. You can try some new themes in your phone now.
Quick Look
This is an awesome feature. When you are playing a game or watching a video/movie and you receive a message on Whats App/ Telegram? We Chat etc., there will be small pop up on top with “Quick Look” option. If you tap on “Quick Look”, the chat window will appear on left side of screen. You can see the chat or reply to them and to get rid of it, tap on screen anywhere else. So, you don’t need to switch between apps to see the chat or reply and then come back to Game/Video. This feature is available in Flyme 7 in Games only and it is called Game Mode 2.0 but was limited to We Chat and some other Chinese Apps only. But in Lite version, it is working in Videos too and other apps are supported too.

Rename Option
It is not a big deal but it saves some time. Earlier, to rename a file in Files app, we needed to tap on 3 Dots icon (More) in right bottom and then on “Rename”. Now it is available on Bottom Left of the screen. So, now you can rename a file in just 1 tap.
I mentioned earlier that in this Lite version, Camera app is not same as Flyme 7 one. But the camera app is not bad either. Now, there are following Modes-
  • Pro
  • Macro
  • Slo-Mo
  • Time-lapse
  • Panorama
  • Light Field
  • Scan
  • Gif

Which makes it a complete camera app. Some of these modes are missing in Flyme 7 Stable and even in Flyme 6. I am not a pro in photography but I can say that this camera is better than the one in

Kid Space
Kid space is not available in Flyme 7 Stable but it is here in Lite version. Not a big deal but who like this feature, congratulations!!
Here are some other useful features from Flyme 7 Stable-

Recycle Bin in Photos App
Recycle Bin stores photos deleted by you for 30 days. Before 30 days, you can restore the photos and after 30 days, photos will be permanently deleted if not restored. This is an awesome feature in case you delete some important photos accidently.

Square Sound
The Music app UI is same as Flyme 6 music app but Music FX app is updated to version 5 which is Square Sound. Also the lock screen music play UI is updated to Flyme 7 version. So, the music app is pretty good now. Because some users were missing tap to Vol -/+ feature in music app. In Flyme 7 Stable, we need to press volume button to adjust volume but in Lite version, we can tap on screen to get Volume Slider plus other options.

System Apps Upgrade
You can check updates and update the system apps from “Update” app itself. No need to open the apps individually and check for updates.
QR code transfer
I really like this feature. Long press a file you want to share, tap on Share, then tap on “QR code transfer”. Other device just need to scan the QR code from your screen and connect to your hotspot. No apps like “Xender” or “Share It” is required. Amazing!!!
This might not be important for some users but for Indians, it means a lot. So, congratulations, it is still there in this version too.

Other features I already explained in Flyme 7 Review –
  • Bubble Notification
  • Quick Reply from notification
  • Geometric Calculations in Calculator
  • Security App
  • Floating Screenshot Share
  • Files App
  • Game Mode 2.0
  • Desktop Search Index
11.jpg 13.jpg

Only feature I will miss is – Screen record. There is no option to change video quality and also the record timer will be visible in recorded videos.

So, we just checked the exciting features but what about bugs? Are there any serious bugs?
Answer is, No.
Truth is, some bugs which are present in Flyme 7 Stable are fixed in this Lite version. Examples-
  • “Share It” app crashing is fixed
  • Incorrect battery usage stats issue is fixed
  • Inverted screen record output videos is fixed
  • No Quick Reply option while watching Movies/Videos is fixed

Only minor bug I found is – Weather app. This bug is common in Flyme 7 Stable too – Some cities are missing. Auto-locate option worked fine but the city was incorrect unfortunately. But this is not a big issue as we can install any other working version of Weather app to fix this issue.
Other issue I found is – “TouchPal Keyboard” can’t be uninstalled. And “Music FX” can be uninstalled. So, be cautious, do not uninstall it or “Square Sound” will not work.
For me, “Temperature is too high” bug is not there in Camera app. Here, it is 40-45-degree Celsius temperature in my city still no such bug.
If you find any other serious bug, reply this thread. I will update the bugs here so that users can decide if they should install this Lite Version or not.

Performance and Final Verdict
Performance is too good. On first boot less than 1GB ram was in use and rest was free. On normal to high use, up to 1.5GB ram can be used. (I have 2GB Ram variant phone).
Shockingly, PUBG Mobile can be played in Medium graphics. It is performing better than M3 Note and M5 Note in PUBG.
Battery performance is good too. As usual like in other Meizu phones, it charges from 0-75 fast but takes more time from 75-100. You can get minimum 6-hour screen-on time in normal use (YouTube, Internet Browsing, Movies/Videos etc.). Also there are not heating issues. Even while playing PUBG, the phone was not heating, But only in Wi-Fi network. I noticed that battery drain fast and phone heats too in phone network (4G) if you use data consuming apps like HotSpot, YouTube, uTorrent etc.
That’s it. I am totally impressed by this Lite version and you should definitely give it a try. If you do not like it, you can easily revert back to So, share your experience if you are using it or after trying it.