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Quad-core faster than flymeOS octo-core M6 1 1460 DGJM_Tech 2020-06-03 22:35
  sorry bruv... Global Rom is dead. and the Devs dont want to release the kernel source. and the key t ...
malicious activity??? Attached Images M6 note 1 1270 DGJM_Tech 2019-09-03 19:33
  now it has almost 1000 blockes by commodo dns and my blocklist
Is FlymeOS is Dead? M6 note 6 2460 UserKR 2019-09-03 21:55
  I heard that they be suspending the global branch of their product line due to some financial issu ...
New Flyme 7..... for meizu m6 note ... 1 2 M6 note 16 5150 Bodija 2019-08-20 20:57
  Hope it's a global rom since I saw the names are on the Chinese roms
Global Version M6 note 4 4370 甄爵恩 2020-09-26 18:50
  You might regret it....... Global is more broken than the chinese one. Trust me....
Lock/ notification bug M6 note 6 1555 AhmedQadri 2019-04-09 05:08
  Yeah the bug started like from the first "stable" release of flyme 7 and even right now. It's stil ...
settings crash after ladt update ... 1 2 M6 note 14 10135 User5210472992 2020-01-22 07:13
  Eehh. Just reset the phone and it will be fixed:/
  Nah. I updated. Still the same. ????
  Is it worth. Updating. Or it's just still an buggy mess
Meizu doesn't listen to us anymore! Attached Images M6 note 3 1775 AhmedQadri 2019-02-26 23:48
  They should make a croud funding. For making better roms. I will pay them a lot of it
Conjecture about mobile phones Attached Images ... 1 2 Discussion 11 4275 DGJM_Tech 2019-01-28 08:54
  Not really a holeless phone considering the two microphone holes. So snot a fully holeless phone.
  nope only sd845 based on gsmarena
Problem with micro sd card M6 note 6 2030 AhmedQadri 2019-03-25 23:11
  idk. mine just poppes up everytime I boot the phone up.
Unveiling the future Attached Images ... 1 2 Discussion 11 4545 DGJM_Tech 2019-01-27 08:34
  And also. Theres no buttons so its a slab of glass and metal No joke. Look it up.
root M6 note 3 1385 AhmedQadri 2019-02-14 02:09
  yeah its very limited. but i only root to install viper 4 android.
Problem with audio in video recording M6 note 6 1895 AhmedQadri 2019-02-14 02:03
  that might affected the development of future flymeos versions.
  i thibk i heard rumors that the main dev. director quit the global establishment or company(i thin ...
Meizu m6 note mic is very low ... 1 2 M6 note 10 3680 AhmedQadri 2019-04-09 05:09
  Idk, after looking at the Meizu 16th it's also present of the low volume mic. I think it's probabl ...
  its a long living bug on flyme 7. right now. just use third party apps. like open camera and other a ...
meizu m6 overclock need help.. M6 1 1375 DGJM_Tech 2020-06-03 22:36
  nope. no unlocked bootloader... no custom kernel to enable overclocking. so no overclocking m8
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