M6s Beta Test Recruitment!



2018-07-10 18:23

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==============Beta Tester List Announced==============
The beta tester list for M6s is announced now! You can now participate in the Beta Contest!
The first version will be available through OTA tomorrow (July 17th). If you can't receive OTA, you can check the Beta Contest thread to download the update zip file.
M6s Testers.png
Recruitment Time:
July 10th - July 16th (GMT+8)

Who can participate:
Users who are using M6s
How to apply:
Users who want to join the test, please share @FlymeGlobal's post with your scoial media account (FB, Twitter or Instagram) andfill up the Google Form before 16:00, July16th(GMT+8).

* You can find the S/N and IMEI in Settings-About phone. Both 2 IMEI are eligible to submit (only 1 IMEI is needed).
* You can find your UID in the profile page on forum.
* Follow @FlymeGlobal (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and share today's post with your own scoial media account: Twitter post or Facebook post, and then 'Copy Link' to get the link of your shared posts. You can also check the image below to see how to get a Facebook link.
How to get shared link.png
SN IMEI Page.jpg UID.png

1. One application for one device. If you have more than one device, please fill out the form with different SN and IMEI.
2. We will announce beta testers list around July 11th and then announce the update plan.
3. If you are sellected, you can not only enjoy the fresh firmware of Flyme 7, but also join the coming Flyme 7 beta contest and win gifts.
4. Once Flyme 7 beta testing is finished, excellent testers will be added to Flyme Beta Team and partipate in regular beta testing program.
5. (THIS IS IMPROTANT) If your device stay at beta version, you can install the new beta directly. If it stays at Stable G version, you have to clean the system data when updating. Plus, please stay in the last beta version in order to receive the next beta, skipping version might cause error when you want to re-flash beta firmwares.


We will send Flyme 7 beta firmware OTA to users who is selected once the beta is available.

Kindly wait the announcement and then check the [Update] app.

Let's do it!