[Activities]Flyme 7 Beta Contest for PRO 6 Plus, M6 Note, M6s and M6!



2018-07-05 17:31

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====First beta for M6s and M6, second beta for PRO 6 Plus and M6 Note====

The beta will come on every Tuesday until the stable version is available. If you're in the beta list but haven't received today's OTA, please download it manually:
PRO 6 Plus: Click to download
M6 Note: Click to download
M6s: Click to download
M6: Click to download

=====================July 16th Update====================
The list for M6s is now announced! Check if you're in!
We will release the first beta for M6s and M6 tomorrow (July 16th), and the second beta for PRO 6 Plus and M6 Note too!

Read the rules below carefully to participate in the contest!

=====================July 12th Update====================

The first beta version for M6 will be coming together with M6s's first beta on July 17th. Please make sure you back up your data before flashing beta!
Also when reporting bugs, please write version number on the title. For example, a bug report thread topic should be like this: [Flyme 7 Beta Contest][]XXXX issue

The first beta version for PRO 6 Plus and M6 Note is available now. For users who didn't receive OTA push, you can manually download the firmware and flash it. Please scroll down to read the rules carefully to participate in the contest.
Flashing Beta version requires wiping all phone data, please be careful and backup your data before doing this operation.
The beta version is IMEI-locked, therefore if you're not in the beta testers list, you will not be able to flash this firmware. (Check the list:PRO 6 Plus, M6 Note,
M6, and M6s)

July 10th Flyme beta version download link:
PRO 6 Plus
M6 Note

-----------------------------------BETA CONTEST RULES--------------------------------------------
Hi beta testers,

Welcome to our new Flyme 7 Beta Contest for PRO 6 Plus, M6 Note and M6! This time, so many changes you can find in the new system. The brand new Flyme 7 delivers a better experience, and as beta testers you can report bugs to win phones. The first version will be available on July 10th. Make sure you enable the notification permission for 'Update' app and wait for the firmware!

From 10th July to the day before the Flyme 7 stable version (for PRO 6 Plus / M6 Note / M6) released

How to participate:

  • Users who qualified to join the Flyme 7 Beta Testing (Click here to check if you are in) need to install the Flyme 7 beta version every week.
  • Look for the the bugs in the system and report in Bugs Section.
  • When you report a bug, please choose the correct models and version NO. and the titel should start with "[Flyme 7 Beta Contest][version number]" .
Bug reports.jpg
  • We will collect the bug reports and send them to devs. Devs will decide if it is a bug.
  • Only the report with [Flyme 7 Beta Contest] title and correct models and version NO. could be counted (please remember to select 'Beta Ver').
  • IMPORTANT】Only valid bug reports will be sent to devs. It means you'd better prepare enough files, such as screenshots, screen records and logs, to make sure the report is valid. (How to capture a log?)
  • If your bug report is accepted by devs, testers will earn 1 point for 1 valid bug* . The winners will be separated by different models.
  • The beta ranking will be announced weekly after the version release.

* Translation bug will not be counted. If we receive the repeated bugs of same model, only the earlier one will be sent to devs.


1. We will make a poster for the TOP 3 bug reporters (each model) every week and share in this thread.
2. In the end of this contest, the testers who earn the most points will get a MEIZU M15 (Black, 4G+64G). Check the detail of winner's gift (each model):

1st prize: Rank 1 tester will get one MEiZU M15 (Black, 4G+64G)
2nd prize: Rank 2 tester will get $100 Amazon gift card
3rd prize: Rank 3 tester will get $50 Amazon gift card

Good luck to you all!