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2018-06-15 22:45

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I have noticed that many users like Stock Android UI with Flyme features on top. In past many users showed interest in Stock Android related content (Launcher, Wallpapers, Navigation, Status Bar etc). But it takes lot of apps and require root to get Stock Android like experience in Flyme OS. But don’t worry, I have the easiest way for this. Let’s get started.

Simply Follow These Steps -
Step 1

Make sure you have System Launcher selected as Default Home Screen.
Settings → Apps → Default → Home Screen → System Launcher.

Step 2
Download the theme file from the bottom of the thread. Extract the .mtpk theme file and copy it to Files→ Customize → Themes Folder and apply it.  You can check the detailed tutorial on how to apply the theme here.
This theme will change following -
  • Status Bar Icons
  • Notification Panel Icons
  • Dialer UI
  • Messages UI
  • Settings Icon

Step 3
Download Lawnchair launcher from Play Store or from bottom of this thread and install it. After installing it, make it default Home Screen.
Settings → Apps → Default → Home Screen → Lawnchair → Press mBack Button.

Step 4
Now download Pixel Icon Pack from Play Store or from the bottom of the thread and install it.

Step 5
Long Press Home Screen to enter launcher settings -> tap on Themes → Icon Pack → Pixel Icon Pack.

Now you have installed FOSP – Flyme + AOSP. Cool Featues of this set-up are-
  • Android P app icons
  • Stock Android like UI icons
  • Notification Dots (Android 6 and above)
  • Google Pill with Google Search + Assistant + Time + Date (You need to install Google App to use the pill otherwise only Whether, Date & Time will be shown)
  • Hide any app from app drawer (Long press on any app → Edit → Disable Visibility)
  • You can use any other icon pack of your choice. Just download it and apply it from launcher settings.
  • No root required.
  • No battery drain.
  • 100+ customization option in launcher settings.

I am also sharing my launcher settings back-up file. Use Restore option in Launcher's Setting to use it if you like my Set Up or you can customize as your likings.

Below are the Preview images. Do try this if you like it. Reply the thread to unlock download links.

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