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2018-05-14 22:35

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As we all know that Flyme Themes app has limited number of themes and we don’t get new themes so often. Last time new themes were added during 2nd Flyme Theme Design Contest. Lot of users are requesting new themes since long time.

So, here comes the new series which will provide you some very cool new themes every month. For this volume, I am sharing only 4 themes because I don’t know about your likes and dislikes. There is a solution which you can see in the bottom of the thread.

What is the source of these themes?
As there is no Global Theme Creator Tool so these themes are not designed by me. These are Chinese theme store themes and are converted to Global themes. So, these themes are property of theme.flyme.cn and are not available for commercial use.

How to Download these themes?
Reply this thread to see the download link in the bottom.

What are the Requirements?
Themes App Version 6.4.1-2017100919. If you have lower version (possible in old devices), you can download this version from here.

How to use these themes?
The rule is simple for these themes to work – “Name of the themes should be com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk”
Here are the steps to install these themes –

1. Open Themes folder – Files -> All Files -> Customize -> Themes

2. Check if there is already a theme file with this name - com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk (It is possible to have this name theme file due to 2 reasons – Stock Theme or Another Chinese Theme I shared earlier)

3. If there is a theme file with this name, rename it by adding something convenient in the end. For example – com.meizu.theme.model.default Stock.mtpk if it is stock theme (Tap on theme then tap on install theme to check the theme) or com.meizu.theme.model.default Pro 7.mtpk if it is Pro 7 theme I shared earlier.

4. After downloading the themes zip files, Extract the themes and Move the themes from your download location to this folder – Disk -> Customize -> Themes. (You can also directly unzip the themes file to Themes folder)

5. For your ease, I have already renamed these themes by adding some text after “default” so that you can move all theme files together to “Themes” folder.  
Rename the theme you want to Apply by removing everything after “default”. For example – if you want to apply Cool OS theme, rename it to “com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk” by removing cool” after “default” from  “com.meizu.theme.model.default Cool.mtpk”
6. Now open Themes app, tap on profile icon on top right, tap on Themes, tap on new theme you want to apply (it should have a Chinese character in name) and Tap on Apply.

7. Hurray, your new theme is applied.

8. But if you want to apply another of these themes I will share, you have to play the rename game in Step 2,3 & 5 again – Rename the theme by adding something convenient in the end (For example, add Cool in the end of Cool OS theme name) and rename the new theme you want to apply to “com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk” and apply it from Themes app.

It may look confusing in starting but you will feel it easy after you get used to it. As I told earlier, the rule is simple  - “Name of the themes should be com.meizu.theme.model.default.mtpk”
Note:- If you rename any Chinese theme which is already applied currently, Stock Flyme theme will be automatically applied. So, you can rename the theme which is already applied too.

So, as you have learned how to use these themes, let’s check our amazing themes for this month –

Flyme 7
Name of theme is Flyme 7 because I got this theme from Flyme 7 themes store and it was uploaded to theme store on May 2nd. Status bar icons are of Flyme 7 – Compact and Clean. Dialer, Message icons are cool.
1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png 6.png        
Cool OS
This is my favourite. Status bar icons are unique, wallpapers are awesome and icons are too good. I have used above Flyme 7 theme’s Dialer and Messages icon in this theme. Notification panel icons are matching the status bar icons.
1.png 2.png 3.png    
Flyme 4
As many of the new users didn’t used Flyme 4, here is the theme to get Flyme 4 experience. Again, I have used Flyme 7 theme’s Dialer and Messages icon in this theme so that it will not feel old.
1.png 2.png    
There are already many iOS themes in Global theme store but many users like iOS style themes, here is another one. Status bar icons, apps icons, dialer icons are iOS style. You need some extra data to download this theme as it is a 81MB theme.
1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
That’s it for this month but as I told earlier that there is solution in the bottom of this thread and you are already here. So here is the solution –

Reply this thread-
  • What kind of themes you like? - Flat, Dark
  • What kind of status bar icons you like? – Stock, Flyme 7, Unique
  • What kind of icons you like? - Round, Square, Round Square, No Fixed Shape
  • What kind of wallpapers you like? - Dark, Colourful, Abstract

I hope you liked this new series, see you next month.
You can also check Flyme 7 Review Here.
Download Link -

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