Pro 6 Plus global is officially dead



2018-04-29 19:54

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Okay, I apologize if I look salty, because I am. Today I have found something that literally blew me away. I mean really, I am still shocked by the whole incompetence of the development team responsible for

Now, you see, I was really waiting for this update because I thought it would be a major one, just like chinese which brought us a lot of new features comparing with, but not just for the sake of those feature, but mainly because it upgraded the OS version to 7.0. Now, this is still not the ideal situation in the 2018, when majority of high-end devices already have Oreo and even 7.1.2 is considered outdated, but we should blame Samsung for that rather than Meizu. I was waiting for global update to finally bring us the normal working gapps more than anything else. I want to finally be able to use things like location sharing in Telegram or using Uber on 7.0 which is impossible since the google maps API is not working properly in third-party apps on 7.0. I was hoping it will be fixed in the coming global

Except, it wasn't. Not just that, we did not get Android 7.0 in the update at all, it is still 6.0.1! The most prominent update mentioned in the changelog is that App store is now working properly and is less power-hungry than before. The App store which nobody ever uses on the global firmware except maybe for downloading GMS once in a lifetime of a phone! That's a serious update worth major version raise!

I mean, I want to ask those people who were developing it: what the actual hell were you doing all this time? It took half a year for you to roll out a couple of bug fixes and you call it a major update? You know, if something kills Meizu more than anything else, it is incompetence. Those who made this so-called "update" are definitely completely worthless as developers, but the major responsibility is still on the Meizu directorate, namely the people who made the desicion to outsource the development of the global firmware to this particular Indian development team. This decision is what killed this model on the global market.

As for me, I will never consider any Meizu phone for a purchase in the future, no matter how cool and awesome they will be. I see now how you consideer us global users, as something so irrelevant that it is not even worth to allocate a proper chinese team to work on the global updates, just let some garage Indian firm do the work! Thanks for your care Meizu!