[Activities]【Winner announced】“OMG, how could it be?” Looking for #FlymeScreenwriter#



2018-03-30 16:45

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Nice to see you here again. After the evaluating, we have the winners of this contest.

1. Most Popular Prize: @GrandpaMax  (#59 with 36 supports)
2. Editor's Choice prizes: @Prashant073 (#23) and @Samm07 (#57)

We need some personal info to send the prizes. Please contact me with private message before 11th, April.

Congratulations to all the winners and great thanks to all contestants. See you in the next contest.

Hey everybody,

April fool’s Day is coming and are you planning to play a joke with your friends? Anyway, I think playing with words could be a new and awesome way to spend the day. Are you ready? Now you are on your way to be #FlymeScreenwriter#

More language options for your reading:

In the beginning, we will create the background of story. Writters can start your imagination with it. Then, you need to continue your own ones following the adaption of previous story reply (which means if your previous comment is generalcontents like ‘good’, ‘nice contest’ and etc., you need to continue the story after the user-generated story that’s nearest to your reply).

There is no limit about the topic when you make up your story. Just do it for fun and try to get your imagination started without borders. Funny words and inverse ending will be more welcomed in this April fool’s activity. You canalso support other’s story if you think it is cool enough. Sharing the link ofthis thread with tag #FlymeScreenwriter# through your social media may help you achieve more supports from your friends.

"OMG, how could it be?" We hope everyone will scream out like this when reading your story.

Each user can reply with his/her stories for up to 3 times, but the ‘Support’ numbers will not be accumulated. Each reply will compete seperately. All stories must be original. If any work is reported as plagiaristic with proof, it will be disqualified. Do not use any pornographic, violent or political words here. Do not malign each other. It is just a game.
Flyme has the right of explanation in this activity.

1.   1 Most Popular prize: MEIZU Flow earphone
Till the end ofgame, the story which achieves the most SUPPORT of others can win a MEIZU Flow earphone.
2.   2 Editor's Choice prizes: $ 30 Amazongift card
Flyme team will choose two adaption stories which are inventive, interesting and amazing. The users will be rewarded with Amazon gift card.

Story writing: from now to 24:00(GMT+8) of April 7th, 2018
Winner announcement: April 8th, 2018

Here we go:

○ Several years later, you become the lord of “Flyme castle”. It is a rainyday. You lie in the bed and play with the VR device. You suddenly remember that there is a very important thing to do: ____________________________