[Activities]Check out the amazing themes - PART TWO



2018-02-18 15:10

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Hey, good to see you again my friends!

Let's continue to review the beautiful themes of the Flyme Theme contest. Download your favorite ones in Themes app to support the designers!

Check out the first volume of themes introductions here
And don't forget to reply the contest thread to get a chance in the lucky draw!

1. Xmas Spark S by Dmytro Mamon
S80116-180742.jpg S80116-180747.jpg S80116-180752.jpg

2. The Most Ordinary Holidays by Sergey
S80116-180243.jpg S80116-180248.jpg S80116-180252.jpg

3. Xmas Spark R by Dmytro Mamon
S80116-180702.jpg S80116-180707.jpg S80116-180713.jpg

4. Holifyme by Rohit Hooda

5. Christmas Lights by Ionov Bulat
S80116-175850.jpg S80116-175855.jpg S80116-175900.jpg

6. Doodlegot by Philipp
S80116-174816.jpg S80116-174821.jpg S80116-174848.jpg

7. Yellow by Akhilesh
S80116-180357.jpg S80116-180444.jpg S80116-180502.jpg

8. Christmas Panda by Tyrone Lembo

9. Christmas Candy Land by Farit

10. Loading For 2018 by Francis
S80116-174422.jpg S80116-174427.jpg S80116-174432.jpg

11. Fresh by Spataru Ionel

12. Simply Christmas by Daniel Martinez

13. Dark Xmas by Thomson Khudenko
S80116-174926.jpg S80116-174933.jpg S80116-174937.jpg

14. Christmas Lights by shraddha

15. Mixed by kalaiselvan
S80116-174549.jpg S80116-174554.jpg S80116-174603.jpg

16. New Year by Irina

17. Sleek Snow Season by Romnick David

18. Christmas Eve by Artem

If you want to check the part one of the themes review,
please click here!
Thanks for all you support and hope all the designers can win a better prize.

Let's wait for the final result and see which are the most popular themes in this contest.