[Activities]Check out the amazing themes - PART ONE



2018-02-13 14:43

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Hey guys!

Even through we are on holidays, the Flyme Theme Contest is still live. During the holidays you can still download your favorite themes from Meizu Themes app to support the designers.

We also have a second volume of themes introductions, click here to check it out!
And don't forget to reply the contest thread to get a chance in the lucky draw!

Now let us take a brief look at the contestant themes!

1. Christmas Color by Angga Maulana
S80116-180939.jpg S80116-180945.jpg S80116-180950.jpg
2. MERRY CHRISTMAS by shraddha
239f7be97cd44ea4a01aabf553e06115.jpg 2134bf61e50b40d28d2f0da6e1b42fa9.jpg 11d64e4291174bb2bb8790f0697e2e93.jpg

3. Merry Christmas 2K17 by Rudraksh Tripathi
f094798acdb24a12a64598d6a19c30e8.jpg 10ad323c39194978bd1921a21c150b36.jpg a6da86e66fd44db3b6d11fd57c3f5322.jpg
4. Minimal Christmas by Salim Sabraoui
9e8cee195ca944d7ba10e096e71a3e7a.jpg 68c0a105a5874fffa57fa498bc56f4a9.jpg b4445b02742e413ca3557bccc73ff6be.jpg
5. Christmas Cherry by Andrew Em
S80116-174649.jpg     S80116-174654.jpg S80116-174658.jpg
6. Christmas Tree by shraddha
ec7b5c214db747f0b6393881b4e717d5.jpg ecbef78499cb4ea8890f865e235c7daa.jpg c30e1c8edcd349b8b8dc03a10ace9334.jpg
7. Christmas Story by Svitlana Dolynska
S80116-175800.jpg S80116-175814.jpg S80116-175819.jpg
8. Animated Christmas by Maxim
S80116-181113.jpg S80116-181118.jpg S80116-181123.jpg
9. Red Santa by Linda Stephanie Prasetyo

10. New Year Party by Elena Ratnikova

S80116-173933.jpg S80116-173940.jpg S80116-173945.jpg
11. Welcome to 2018 by Viktor Povh

S80116-180615.jpg S80116-180620.jpg S80116-180627.jpg
12. Christmas deer by shraddha

13. Happy Chinese New Year by Rudraksh Tripathi

14. Christmas by Armen

S80116-180857.jpg S80116-180902.jpg S80116-180907.jpg
15. Fly-Me by Prashant Makwana

16. Snowy Christmas by Maryna Tararukha
S80116-180207.jpg S80116-180212.jpg S80116-180218.jpg
17. Lite Theme by Mirat

S80116-180314.jpg S80116-180320.jpg S80116-180325.jpg
18. Christmas Snow by Armen

S80116-175003.jpg S80116-175009.jpg S80116-175016.jpg

Enjoy the themes and Happy Chinese New Year! Let's wait for the PART TWO of themes review. Stay tuned.