5 Things to do while and after purchasing Meizu Phone.



2017-05-17 12:06

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As a meizu user for 1 years 6 months and a regular member of Flyme forum i want to inform some thing which can be very useful for you while and after purchasing a Meizu Phone.

So lets start


5. Purchase backcover and screen protector:- 2016528102236681.jpg
Meizu phones are strong but we all want to be double secure, As I face a problem in finding back cover in moble shops, I purchased it online, so Its good to purchase it with phone to save delivery charges and get a good package.

4. Purchase Hybrid SIM slot Adoptor :-
Mostly all phones are now using Hybrid Sim Slot which means we can either use 2 SIM or 1 SIM & SD Card but with this Adoptor you can use both SIM with SD Card.
How it is possible
Read this thread for details:-


3. Make meizu and flyme account:-

Meizu account is a golden feature as you can backup your phone's contect, photos and it also helps when you to retrive your forget password, and flyme forum account will connect you with updates and new information of your phone and also helps in making bug reports.

2. Install greenify :-
In Flyme A(Chinese) version you don't need it but with (G) version i prefer you install it, as it force stop apps which run on background and with Flyme's Auto launch protection feature it works like a gold, it will make you phone more reliable and fast because no 3rd party app can run on background and as google apps are also 3rd party apps you can control them too.
Flyme working on this feature on G but till you can use this app
https://play.google.com/store/ap ... .oasisfeng.greenify

1.Explore Flyme os :-
If you get flyme 5 installed than install Flyme 6 beta in thatSecurity app is one of my personal favourite app as its a back bone as well as brain of your phone it provides you so much features, these are some i recommand you do it first
- Go to data and restrict apps you don't want to consume your valuable data plan.
- Go to permissions and control apps permissions which can be harmful for your phone.
- Clean junk
- Anti virus.

And in settings
- Open game mode
- Password
- kids mode
- smart touch
And others.

I hope these information were useful for you so just press like button  and comment what recommendation you want to give to new users.

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