[Easy Method] Use Dual SIM and SD card in your Hybrid SIM Slot



2017-05-09 15:34

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Mostly all phones are now using Hybrid Sim Slot which means we can either use 2 SIM or 1 SIM & SD Card. Phones with 32/64/128 GB internal storage can manage easily without using a SD Card so they can use Dual SIM. But people having phones with 16 GB internal storage needs to use SD Card if they are heavy user of Storage Space. But what if your phone is out of storage and you are using Dual SIM and both are important?

In this tutorial, i will share with you an easy method to use Dual SIM and SD Card in your Hybrid SIM Slot. It's not completely free but it is cheap (Starting from 1 USD) and very easy to implement.

All you need is to buy a Hybrid SIM Slot Adaptor. I will share link in the end of the thread, you can easily buy it from there.

Hybrid SIM Slot Adaptor

Hybrid SIM Slot Adaptor

Steps to use this Hybrid SIM Slot Adaptor -

Step 1-
Eject Hybrid Sim Tray from your phone using SIM Ejection Tool. Prepare your 2 SIM, SD Card & Hybrid SIM Slot Adaptor for next step.

Step 2-
Meizu smartphones have Hybrid Sim Tray with Golden Bars of SD Card and SIM Card facing Rear Camera or Back of the phone. So SD card will we placed over adapter chip. Put the SIM card you want as SIM 1 in the Adaptor.


Step 3-
As mentioned in above step, first put Adaptor chip in the Hybrid SIM Tray of your phone and then place SD Card over it. Check Picture Below.


Step 4-
Now push the Hybrid SIM Tray slowly while putting thumb on SD Card so that both SD card and Adaptor Chip remain on their place.


Step 5-
You can use Double Sided thin tape to fix the adaptor on back of your phone or you can use a back cover.

Step-5.png Dual Sim.jpg

Links from where you can buy this Adaptor -

Now enjoy Dual SIM and SD card in your Hybrid SIM Slot Smartphone