Flyme 6 Tips Vol.4: Volume Adjustment



2017-04-13 23:51

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In the past, Flyme's volume key was abashed by our users for being too simple and not handy, because in Flyme 5, pressing volume keys can only adjust the media volume. However, this issue is changed in Flyme 6 now!

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By pressing the volume key of the phone, a progress bar will appear, and you can see, like in Flyme 5, a music note icon which stands for 'media volume'. However, unlike Flyme 5, Flyme 6 now adds a small feature to this volume adjusting bar, that by tapping the small triangular icon, you can unfold all 3 volume options: media, notification and ringtone. When you slide the adjusting bar, there will be word appearing to tell you which volume you are adjusting. For example in the following interface, I'm adjusting 'Notification' volume.

So volumes can be easily adjusted without going to Settings app. This is today's small yet very practical tip, enjoy!