Did you check out the recent Flyme beta ?



2017-04-13 12:06

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Hey guy's, Flyme has recently gave out the last Closed beta update for Flyme 6 ( But only U20, M3 note ( both M91 and L91), M3s, M2, M2 note, MX5, PRO6, PRO 6 PLUS are the models to get the resent closed beta update. So hope all of you have updated to the Flyme beta. The update contains mostly solved bug and issues that we got in 1st global beta. Now you can be a developer too ( read the text in the pictures below). The best thing I like in the resent Flyme beta is the new app "theme" , finally the app theme is back with 100's of new amazing wallpapers and lot of beautiful themes. And most annoying thing that we got with Flyme was the downloading issues. It's now improved  and fixed ( hope it is!), but if you still found your files getting issues of downloading, just go to settings-apps-all find and clear data of download manager the every time you start a download or a update ( many of you could knew this, but I mentioned it for those rare who don't). I hope we will get the global stable Flyme 6 soon. S70413-08434444.jpg S70413-08435963.jpg , share your thoughts and tricks with us, if you have any.