[Tutorial] How to Install Google Services for Meizu devices



2017-01-13 02:48

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How to Install Google Services for Meizu devices
   Our smartphones would have been handicapped if without Google Play and Gmail service. Alongside majority of users, my opinion says that not matter what modification an Android devices in Flyme OS, it must have Google services installed so that users can sync their Google account contacts, Gmail and Android apps.
    Meizu is not coming default with Google services  in  Chinese firmware (А), I am here for you to tell you the easy way to install Google services including Gmail, Google Play, Contacts, Search and whatever else Google offers, on Meizu Smartphones such as devices with firmware Chinese in Flyme OS X.X.X  (A)

   Step by Step Tutorials

   I have written down the method in a step by step tutorial how to Install Google Services for Meizu devices.

1. First of all open your Meizu App Store. You can find it easily on any home screen. It looks like light blue a hand bag.

2. Open the app and then top have Search tab. Click on it and a search bar will be appeared at the top of app interface


3. In the search bar, search with following keyword write to “Google Installer”


4. Google Installer will be shown in search result, hopefully at first position


Hope this is usefull. If you want share your opinion in comments.

   Example two if you can't instal the above stated tutorial
  If this fails, try to manually download Google Installer v4.1  and  Google Play Store v7.3.07.K-all [0] PR 139935798